At the very outset of my undergraduate programmed, I decided that I must make maximum use of all the educational resources available to improve and perfect my knowledge and leadership skills. What is the current issue that you concerned 3. There were two interviewers. Please jangna ikut perangai I. During my degree life, I have been doing business online on and off. Nobody knows you better than yourseft, so tell the readers all that you would want them to know about you.

In fact, by having this principal in me, I never feel a burden or face difficulties in many situations. My family has been separated. Soalan dia tanya pun senang je. So for the conclusion, jangan risau sangat sebab ada Aunty ni cakap selalunya dia takkan tanya soalan susah susah untuk orang yang nak sambung belajar. In my case, Alhamdulillah I have been called for the interview. Last but not least, for those yang nak sambung MBA atau apa apa course sekalipun, all the best i wish for you guys!

Although on the way I will find a failure and frustration situation, I xutobiographical try in every effort to keep on going ahead so that I will not stop or give up to meet many other opportunities in front.

I always remind myself to keep trying until succeed. Yang pertama master in science applied biology atau yang kedua MBA master in business administration. So for the conclusion, jangan risau sangat sebab ada Aunty ni cakap selalunya dia takkan tanya soalan susah susah auutobiographical orang yang nak sambung belajar. College year was so tremendous where I’ve learnt how to lead a team and organized an event.


With all the opportunities given, I will make sure that I am not going to give up easily. Therefore, I always had a chance to meet with the highest people in the company. I personally think MBA has advantage in obtaining and holding a high-level management position. Part time – 1 and half year must have 1 year working experience.

a journey to be a Mukmin: I am proud UiTM’s Product

I also handled few programmes such as brain awareness campaign in the faculty level. I also submitted my works and assignment on time. My last 5 years job I am holding a senior executive level which I worked for the highest management such as Vice President of the company as well as the Group CEO.

Welcome to my blog! Mestilah dorang nak lagi memudahkan kita: Test dia senang je, dia bagi articles then suruh kita olahkan balik pasal article tu.

MySelf-Autobiographical Essay for UiTM EMBA Intake

Fyi, tarikh dapat email dengan tarikh interview tu jaraknya hanya seminggu. I am 36 years old and married with four kids. I also have apply for postgraduates studies in Uitm Shah Alam for September intake. I can overcome each and every hassle efficiently. In addition, to improve my writing skills.

autobiographical essay for mba uitm

For test tu, jawab je lah nak taknak kena lah jawab sebab test tu dia akan collect untuk bagi kepada interviewers. I would say my career and education was building up at the same time.


autobiographical essay for mba uitm

I was graduated in Bachelor of insert course Hons from Universiti insert name of university. I also learned not to succumb easily in order to obtain those results.

Interview MBA

My success in the future lies in my own hand. Just do your best! Since kecil I memang teringin nak belajar tinggi tinggi. For non-academic activities such as class trip, I usually was given responsibility to manage those programmes. Anonymous July 26, at 4: I am a determine person as I will make sure that I get everything I want.

Next week, I’ll attend the interview. Now, after I read it again, I am very proud of myself because when I wrote this essay, I really did it from my heart. Other than that, I also joined programmes such program amal rumah anak yatim and colour run. I will never put a full stop in every challenges whichever cross my way. Essay tu pasal diri kita, achievement, experience. I aspire to become rich and always wanted essxy helping those people in need.