An in silico study on distribution and length of simple sequence repeats. Layout of the 69 mm I. Output data from P9—P12 were used to model the More effort has been directed towards modelling the friction solids friction factors of straight horizontal pipes. International Rice Genome Sequencing Project [http: A comparison of the pneumatic conveying characteristics PCC predicted Pressure drop using the seven bend models and experimental results shows that the predicted total pipeline PCC and Bend model trends depend on the choice of bend model.

You’ll be very welcome! When compared with the experimental total pipeline PCC, all bend models provided over-predictions, except the models of Das and Meloy and Singh and Wolfe , which well predicted the pressure drop for the dilute phase. At present, the database has over 10 million entries of microsatellites covering 31 genomes Table 2. Others introduce it earlier, in the analysis section. Potato J , Published by Elsevier B.

The efficiency of data retrieval is maintained during simultaneous access by many users. Improving scale-up procedures for the design of pneumatic conveying systems.

You can simply relax while someone with the skills works on that essay for you. In this way, microsatellites located in the vicinity of genes may be identified. Availability of this information can facilitate molecular mapping of desired traits and preparation of linkage maps saturated with evenly distributed SSR markers. The information may have diverse applications. Furthermore, information about clustering of different microsatellites in the genome can also be retrieved.

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Pressure loss is greater in the dense-phase regime than in the dilute-phase regime when using the Schuchart model and there is very little differ- ence in the bend pressure loss between the dilute phase and dense phase paped using the Rossetti model, which does not follow the expected trend Pan, The database named as EuMicroSatdb Eukaryotic MicroSatellite database presents a web-based user friendly interface for the extraction of both simple and compound microsatellites from 31 eukaryotic genomes assembled as chromosomes.


Background Microsatellites, also called as simple sequence repeats SSRs or simple tandem repeats STRs are ubiquitous component of eukaryotic genomes. An in silico study on distribution and length of simple sequence repeats. Similarly, ESTs have also been screened for the presence of microsatellites [].

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Monday, November 22nd Reply to this comment. It should be noted that Eq. InSatDb [17] provides size, type perfect and compound and location intron, exon, upstream or transposons of microsatellites in five insect genomes. Particulate Reseaech and Technology, 20, — Mallick aP. You’ll be very welcome! These sequence resources available in the public researcch have. SilkSa-tDb [10] incorporates microsatellites extracted from the available ESTs and genomic sequences of the silkmoth Reesearch mori.


This will help reduce mistakes and increase satisfaction rather than stress. Comparison of the bend-only pressure drop between low-velocity and high- following reasons.

atul sharma research paper on ftp

User agreement Privacy policy. We also acknowledge the technical support received from Mr. A microsatellite consists of a specific sequence of DNA which contains bp long mono- to hexa- nucleotide tandem repeats viz.

The compound microsatellites being hypervariable can prove to be a potential source of highly polymorphic markers. But in atul sharma research paper on ftp the suarma you see this before getting to head over there, here’s the latest event! BMC Bioinformatics After writing, provided docs are also checked on various quality parameters.

Atul sharma research paper on ftp

However, the model presented by other researchers is shown rwsearch under-predict the pressure drop in the dilute-phase region. Aggarwal, Vice-chancellor Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi for encouragement and constructive suggestions throughout the project.

Microsatellites are preferentially associated with nonrepetitive DNA in plant genomes. Effect of close-coupled bends in pneumatic conveying. Further, if the user wants to design primers for PCR amplification of the desired microsatellite locus, the database also provides bp upstream and downstream regions of all the microsatellite loci.

Over the years, molecular biolo- gists have increasingly exploited these sequences for diverse applications.