Provides a basis for communication among project team members. Presentation Description No description available. Banks offer several different types of checking accounts. Issues to be taken into account for interactive systems Interactive system specification From Requirements Engineering Processes and Techniques by G. It also should contain an option to allow the user to exit the system option 4. The bank will integrate the software with the ATM s hardware at a later time.

System behavior describes how the system changes as its objects interact with one another. In order to view it, please contact the author of the presentation. Case-study method in the master program Software engineering methodology Pesockaya E. These vendors need More information. Those in engineering and science will sooner or later either be members of teams solving some large project, or be managing teams solving some large project. Abstraction and Information Hiding Chapter 1:

Upon first approaching the ATM, the user should experience the following sequence of events: Card withdraw 1 Identify Collaborations. Illustrates meaningful conceptual classes in problem domain Represents real-world concepts, not software components Software-oriented class diagrams. The manual method of keeping and. WordPress Embed Customize Embed.

atm case study ooad

The multiplicity value The UML allows the suppression of class attributes and operations in this manner to create more readable diagrams, when appropriate.

Requirements Document A local bank aym to install a new automated teller machine ATM to allow users i. If the user chooses to cancel, the ATM displays the main menu and waits for user input. If the deposit slot receives a deposit envelope within two minutes, the ATM credits the deposit amount to the user s account in the bank s database i.


To allow the client to withdraw money Description: Use Case A set of scenarios related by a common actor and a goal A description of sequences of More information. To write simple input. Provides a basis for communication among project team members.

Go to Application Have a question? Each class is modeled as a rectangle with three compartments. Two hardware systems Card reader and Money dispenser will communicate with this ztudy.

atm case study ooad

We will investigate how they are drawn, how they More information. Draw activity diagrams for any given.

ATM Case Study Part 1

The brand marks on your card indicate where the card More information. What is the Direct Express card? These stages typically include: We may also conclude that some of the nouns do not correspond to parts csae the system and thus should not be modeled at all. Every system has both structure and behavior designers must specify both.

An Example of Object-Oriented Design: An ATM Simulation

This presentation is available More information. Use Cases Massimo Felici Use Cases 1 Support requirements engineering activities and the requirement process Capture what a system is supposed to do, i. Side Note Payments 1. We introduce UML class diagrams to model these classes.


Identifies activities involved in each. Part 1 State the benefits of using a checking account Determine which checking account is best for you Identify More information.

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Collaboration Diagram Initial Idea! Case-study method in the master program Software engineering methodology Case-study method in the master program Software engineering methodology Pesockaya E.

Chapter 7 Process Analysis and Diagramming Chapter 5 introduced the concept of business process and composition as an aspect of process design. Framework under which a software product is going to be developed.

These classes possess specific attributes needed for executing the transactions they represent. Requirements Document for the Banking System Lecture 40 Requirements Document The requirements document is a formal document used to communicate the requirements to customers, engineers and managers.

If the withdrawal amount chosen is less than or equal to the user s account balance i.