They are, however, going directly against the rules when they say that the spell level cannot be lowered. I ask because one of my players is looking at getting Arcane Thesis and wanted me to see if I would allow the feat in my campaign. That makes it WAY too powerful for a single feat. That doesn’t stop you from Wishing for a feat, though. That means that it changes the rules, while the FAQ is just that, some answers to questions. One of them can’t apply to Evocation and Transmutation spells though.

Make it worse with a Scorching Ray Originally Posted by Olaf the Stout. Wizards get free metamagic feats, and tons of the desireable caster PrCs require metamagic feats anyways. That opening text is actually from the FAQ, around the time when WotC started using it to push stealth errata into the game with mixed results. That’s not a very high associated cost along with the cost of this feat itself.

D&d arcane thesis errata

Way to much damage for such a low level spell as a 7th level character. It depends on your ruling. Wednesday, 4th December, Errors The following errors occurred with your submission. Arcane Thesis reduces the total spell level of a metamagicaffected spell by one, regardless of the number of metamagic feats applied. The time now is In this instance, rule number 1 is reasonable.


Make it worse with a Scorching Ray Thats more damage than a Meteor Swarm on average! Arcane thesis was clarified see the PHB2 errata on the wotc website to errsta 1 only from the final spell lv. Tuesday, 11th March, Let’s look at the original text regarding metamagic: Wizards get free metamagic feats, and tons of the arane caster PrCs require metamagic feats errata.

Let’s stick to the rules as long as possible, leaving DM fiat behind all the time.

Official Errata time! – The Lost Paradise

Originally Posted by Jade Dragon. Might make the mage a 1 trick pony, but nobody will survive long enough to tell their buddies anyways.

arcane thesis feat errata

The New World, Part 9: I used magic missile as the example because it is pretty much the conventional wizards basic attack spell at low levels. Such a character cannot yet handle the energies required. It’s the save or dies you should be worried about.

Arcane Thesis is very niche — it’s great for Shadowcraft Mages, for example, but pretty much no one else. Arcane Thesis – errata Right, thanks for the clarification!

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I really don’t think it’s a big deal, though. I’m currently doing the same thing, planning on metamagic-ing the heck out of Orb of Fire I’m not using Incantatrix, however. Originally Posted by Psyren.


arcane thesis feat errata

Originally Posted by Olaf the Stout. Well any sane DM is going ot rule the spell can’t take up one slot lower than normal even if you apply something like Energy substitution. It’s simply stating you can use it while under stress which is no different than how the FAQ works, except the FAQ tends to explain it’s self. Send a PM to Ithamar.

Chairman Emeritus of Zinc Saucier. In this case, they’re taking the former reading, which is a valid one.

arcane thesis feat errata

You have to spend a lot of feats to start seeing a huge benefit, and casting the same spell over and over would be mind-numbingly boring to me.

Originally Posted by NoldorForce. It mostly sucks and isn’t worth it on its own, but can get out of hand if enough resources are devoted to the one trick.

Make it worse with a Scorching Ray