Glad to know you are finding the app so useful. It takes a long time for papers to load and its accuracy is not the best. I built EssayTagger because grading essays was killing me! I was super-passionate about getting these regular-level students ready for the rigors of college so I would find myself spending 15, 20, 30 minutes per paper. That multiplied by 96 is insane. Advanced error marking Quickly mark spelling and grammar errors and then have your students learn from their own mistakes learn more. These are your comments, your feedback.

The program is also more stable than ever, and some nagging bugs have been resolved. Teachers and professors from middle school through college report high praise for the extensive feedback generated by Essay Grader. I was super-passionate about getting these regular-level students ready for the rigors of college so I would find myself spending 15, 20, 30 minutes per paper. Thanks for your feedback. Students can easily stay in touch with multiple conversations and updates that are happening in their groups or classes all at once.

But when you boil it all down our approach is pretty eessay simple: Real feedback has to be at the sentence level. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. All of this specific data tracking was possible before, but it simply was not practical for a busy teacher to keep track of on her own.

It is almost impossible to line edit a hundred and fifty essays in a timely fashion, nor is it encouraging to the student to a;p their papers “bleed” red or green ink. Designed by a teacher, for teachers.


Sign up for the free trial and begin grading an assignment in less than two minutes! That’s what proofreader’s marks are for. Put a gold star on any student work to save it in their personal portfolio, where it can be shared with parents to provide support at home, and kept as a collection of their best work for review and reflection for years to come. It also allows you to switch back and forth between several saved comment databases, which is perfect for teachers who teach multiple subjects.

apples essay grader app

Now, there are too many steps to open the databases, which don’t load or disappear each time I open the app. With this version, I can see how instructors in any discipline can easily modify the app’s content and interface to appples with their grading needs. Compatibility Requires iOS 6.

apples essay grader app

Cultivate your classroom community. Anti Inflammatory Diet Foods. Share and import rubrics social media – blog. They resolved some issues with Lion, and the CSV comment spreadsheet is now simple to modify.

Find everything you need to organize your classroom and connect with your students right at your fingertips.

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Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This means the subscription automatically renews 24 hours before the end of the subscription date. EssayTagger has not only saved me time in correcting essays, but I feel terrific about the increased feedback which the students receive. The old app worked wonderfully.


Your classroom, connected.

I spent about two hours working with it to get my statements tailored and tested it a bit. Auto renewable subscriptions can be managed from the user iTunes account, and a link is provided in the subscription screen while in the app.

Many departments are even using Essay Grader to standardize grading procedures and feedback language grqder vertical and horizontal teams. Vitamin K In Foods.

Essay Grader

An essay grader or a paper grader is an easier way for students to evaluate how well-written their papers are before turning them in or to shorten grading time grzder teachers.

All that effort wasted. This app is perfect for grading speeches, class projects, and essays. A student loses it, I can pull it up and talk about it. It would be a nightmare.

apples essay grader app

The early version automatically loaded in the comment databases and allowed instructors to customize easily. And that’s just after one assignment. What it does is allow you to give back feedback in an efficient manner. It has cut down so much gradfr grading essays.