Candidates are judged by the relevance, academic contribution, theoretical and methodological rigor, and practical implications of their work. We are deeply grateful to all of the new and continuing reviewers who gave their time and offered developmental and high-quality reviews, undertaking significant effort to serve our division in this important way. The dissertation was not previously submitted for consideration for this award. Any doctoral dissertation may be entered that satisfies the following criteria: We are thankful for all that he has done to make the Strategy field as vibrant as it is today. I look forward to hearing from you. Obviously, this means that many fine papers were left off the program.

Some PDWs, especially the paper development workshops that match authors with expert scholars, require pre-registration. Make sure to consult the STR website www. Finally, I believe that we should open up new opportunities for participation from our diverse membership. More broadly, he is interested in combining formal modeling and empirical approaches to understand how firms can make better strategic decisions. If you have ideas about such initiatives that will add value to being part of the STR Division and community year-round, contact me at STRdivision tilburguniversity. For these reasons, we try to schedule track sessions within a particular room on Monday and Tuesday.

Strategic Management – A Division of the Academy of Management

It is a great pleasure to work with you all — your commitment, energy and willingness to contribute time to the division is truly an inspiration, and as mentioned above I look forward to hearing your ideas for other activities yet! These efforts do not have to be limited solely to when we converge for our annual meetings.

These events provide terrific opportunities for members to learn from panelists and from each other across various research areas, theories, methods, teaching tool and overall professional skills.

In order to facilitate compliance with the STR conflict of interest policy and the blind review process, please remove any author-identifying information from your abstract and dissertation summary. Ed is the James F.


It has been humbling and gratifying to work with so many committed individuals. Disxertation to academia, Ram worked a management consultant with Deloitte in Southern California, and as a software engineer with Siemens Public Communication Networks.

Mowery student after Mowery student got top jobs at top schools, and most of us have blossomed.

aom bps dissertation consortium

It requires a team effort to process the conference submissions and reviews in a condensed time frame. Members who are interested in enhancing their teaching skills will find a range of PDWs on offer again this year.

His main research interests focus on the role of diversification, product strategies, IPRs, and performance. We are thankful for all that he has done to make the Strategy field as vibrant as it is today. Each member has made special contributions to our strategic management community during the past year and towards the annual conference.

See the STR Pre-Conference Schedule at the end of this article for an overview of the sessions, times and places for bos meeting.

She is researching the role of time and language in strategy-making by applying theories of organizational imprinting, complexity, and cognitive framing.

There are many other people to thank for their help on the program this year. I will seek to expand programs to welcome new members and fully engage our global community of scholars through mentorship programs and directed welcoming sessions. The deadline for nominations is April 30, Join us as we discuss STR business, announce award winners, introduce new division leaders, and thank those who have held various positions of STR service.

Ed dissertatiln been tirelessly dedicated to all aspects of the Strategy field — our institutions, journals, faculty and students. Interested recent graduates should submit electronically via email the following Word documents as attachments to an email to Division Chair Elect Samina Karim samina northeastern.


We look forward to seeing you at the AOM in Boston!

2019 Doctoral Consortium

She is also interested in exploring the role of governments and markets in the emergence and valuation of new types of capital in an economy. See you in August! In my opinion, we should consider: So that we can accommodate bpps many papers as possible, we do not use discussants in the sessions.

Conference Track Information The STR program is organized within tracks, to create opportunities for attendees to interact across related sessions, foster the development of research communities, and minimize time conflicts across sessions. The consortium is designed to allow for high levels of interaction between faculty and students.

Doctoral Consortium

Finally, please note bls AOM is inviting authors of accepted papers to post their slides to the online program. His research focuses on institutional factors influencing firm strategy during technological change, including pressures from Wall Street xonsortium and investors, and the challenges of coordinating shared platform technologies in ecosystems.

John received his Ph. Thank you for assembling such a great program for Boston, Tim and Heather! In her research, she integrates psychology into transaction cost economics to examine the influences of cognitive factors e.

aom bps dissertation consortium

Obviously, this means that many fine papers were left off the program. As such, I am excited at the prospect to be able to give back to this division in this role by further enhancing the experience for current and future STR members.