The quality of a team is dependent upon the quality of the conversation, and that means taking the time to build a shared understanding of the business by spending quality time together. In business, there are few things more powerful than a good management system. How can we help one another more? Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Mullaly made expectations clear, and established a system so every leader was aware of the company’s overall progress towards a common goal. We know integrated care works.

It was not surprising that in those first BPR meetings, everyone on the leadership team reported everything as green. Take the Organizational Checkup here. When members of a team have a process where they feel that they are accountable to each other and it is safe to tell the truth about the actual state of their projects, they provide themselves with the opportunities to assist each other to more quickly resolve critical issues when they occur. They resisted change, their egos getting in the way of completely committing to a total company vision and a large-scale behavioral change. Fields saw these meetings as a wasteful distraction from his real work. First of all, the Wall Street Journal best-seller reads more like a thriller. No joking at the expense of others.

Alan Mulally’s Management Secret: Peer Accountability

His solution was to use the peer accountability system that worked so well for him when he was at Boeing. Everyone knew the areas that needed special attention. Contact Us Let’s Get Started. They became a team that was completely aligned, working towards the same goals.

alan mulally business plan review meeting

Ford hired him as CEO in and asked him to do what many thought was impossible — fix a toxic corporate culture and turn an iconic but damaged American business into an automotive juggernaut, and do all of that in the midst of the worst recession our country had seen in 70 years. How can we help one another more?


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Upon assuming the leadership of Ford, Mulally brought a sense of focus that had been meetung from the dysfunctional management team he inherited. Everyone knew the status of the plan. Subscribe Get notified when we publish a new blog post. I rather read the classifieds. Each leader was expected to help, not judge, the other leaders.

One of the leaders who saw no value in the BPR was Fields, who protested to Mulally that he needed to keep focused on his business unit. Just like the best rowing crews, the best business teams operate as one: He himself began each meeting with this language: The Problem is the System, Not the People Upon assuming the leadership of Ford, Mulally brought neeting sense of focus that had been missing from the dysfunctional management team he inherited.

Looking for something new to read? They were used to working in their own fiefdoms, where their authority was unquestioned and they were in total control. One of the first steps he took to address the company’s severe troubles was to establish weekly, mandatory Thursday morning meetings, known as the Business Plan Review, or BPR, with his 16 top executives.

meetimg Leaders not only used this language to describe their areas of the company, they also used it to self-evaluate their own performance during the week. Together, we create better experiences—experiences that drive profitable and sustainable growth in a hyper-connected world.


alan mulally business plan review meeting

Anticipation as a skill: In my work as an international business coach, I’ve identified many reasons why teams fall out of sync. Mulally did all of that and more. There are lots of complexities and moving parts involved in making those things happen, but the blueprint is really that simple.

Rod has more than 30 years of experience in management positions of increasing responsibility in the healthcare industry. This is how the executives discussed the only metric that mattered during Ford’s turnaround: He stunned his colleagues when he made this bold—what some in the room thought was a career ending—move.

Alan Mulally’s Management Secret: Peer Accountability | Optimity Advisors

Buy in or leave the team. Take the Organizational Checkup here. And no distracting cell phones. This created a standard of accountability, transparency and honesty.

Mullaly recognized that respect for one another is at the heart of a well-functioning team. That gave them plenty of problems to solve — and plenty of room to improve. Within a few short years, Mullaly’s leadership took Ford from a failing company to a thriving, profitable company once again, a turnaround that has been called a “history-making revitalization. Do yourself a favor and grab a copy of American Icon: The folks at EOS Meetin could have told you that years ago.