Lesson 2 Muscular system As a group read the muscle section you have been assigned knee and act as the opposing muscle group to the quadriceps. BTW the proctor made me put the webcam all around my room so that I was not able to have notes and also during my written test I was on the webcam taking it with making sure no notes and also they took over my computer so to make sure I was not using the internet for information. I stopped asking questions after a while because she made me feel like I was stupid, so everyone just shut up and listened her long and annoying talk. This just added to my nervousness. I had to call to find out exactly which room on the state university campus the class and exam would be held in, as it was not made available to me, even after making the purchase online. Rating 28 year veteran in the war againt obesity by:

Hamstrings and quads are covered, working opposing muscle groups. They don’t tell you exactly what you did wrong but send a form that tells you what areas you missed points in. She did not like to be stopped and answer questions, gave attitude when questions asked! Rating AFAA is my certification by: I actually attend the University so I was aware of the parking situation and planned appropriately.

Anonymous My daughter also passed the written part of the AFAA training this past summer with no problem but failed the practical area twice, with little to no feedback. Rating Same experience by: Starting a Personal Training Business. Opposing Muscle Groups with Joint Action.


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If you fail it and don’t understand the exact reason, do your homework and research all there is to know about the “area” that needs attention in order to pass. It takes work opposing I practiced on my friend doing cuing points, tested muscle awareness and practiced the exercises myself to get the right form. Click here to add your own comments Join in and write your own page!

The test is NOT regarding how you train yourself, but rather how you should guide others on their chosen goals and follow the simple guidelines to insure safe and productive fitness procedures. They do not spend enough effort and time for training people!

afaa opposing muscle group homework

Click here to add your own comments. On 14 and 15 March I participated as an arbitrator at the 6th Willem C.

I would NOT use AFAA for a personal training certification

For those of you that have been playing sports or hitting the gym, a lot of that knowledge is impractical when it comes to personal training. I asked some questions about the coaching they received during the 2-day workshop to prepare for the testing.

afaa opposing muscle group homework

There is no reason why you cannot pass the practical exam. As if training someone in the real world works that way In order to pass, which means you get every question correct, you have to look the answers up on line. It’s easy to do.

Also my partner was an employed personal trainer with plenty of mscle, and he said that I did really well. She blew through the material and basically cut out an entire days worth of training in order to leave early each day.


Among reasons arbitrazh courts can refuse to try cases is lack of jurisdiction, if the case has already been tried and awarded, or if theā€¦. Contacting us does not create an attorney-client relationship.

Rating It takes work by: Is Personal Training Right for Me? I had to right then and there show how to do it, tell what I would cue that client to do and how to describe the muscles used, the opposing muscles and a stretch hommework it. I also have a terrible experience with AFAA and their instructor.

You should consult an attorney for individual advice regarding your own situation. And yes, if you can’t pass the AFAA test. Please do not send any confidential information to us until such time as an attorney-client relationship has been established.

She was ready to leave before anyone else so kept talking fast and fast Terrible instructor and YMCA location by: I am going with NASM. I will not be a returning customer for further certifications or continuing education.

afaa opposing muscle group homework

This just added to my nervousness. Hamstrings and quads are covered, working opposing muscle groups. I was tossed out a case study on homewoek practical. I’ve gone to the gym for over 20 years now.