Go to the links page to download the worksheets that go with this assignment 2. The Login for the online course selection portal for current 6th and 7th grade students will. Complete vocabulary worksheet and quiz. Read the latest Eagles Press! Point of View handout ; review 1. All students in the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District are participating in the Choose Love social emotional learning curriculum during the school year. Work that is missed due to excused absence will be completed and submitted within the amount of days missed in order to be eligible for full credit.

Students are assigned articles to read, and then they answer the multiple choice questions that go with the assignment. Each student will read, determine the central idea, share 10 facts and create a summary for their person. This assignment will be due Friday, April View video on Mildred Taylor 5. Students will complete a cold read assessment. Students will be given their first copy of their Scholastic Scope.

Use notice and note NF comprehension strategies to help you. Complete the plot diagram attached.

8th grade homework chms

Oprah Winfrey, First Aid Basics 3. How you can apply your findings to our essential question: Therefore, what is not completed in class will be homework and due the following day! Wear red CHMS clothing or wear red and come to the game in red. Read 20 grare daily!! Complete graphic organizer to show comparisons of both articles and complete a quiz over the material read.


Church Hill Middle School: Teachers – Joshua Bearden – Syllabus

Copy the definition of theme; practice determining theme. Students will be given three passages to read and then write an argument letter. Complete vocabulary quiz 1. On the 24th, we will be having Field Day. Review short story from previous day. You may need to do jomework research on this topic. Read and identify personification in the song “Wonder” by Natalie Merchant.


TWIN day, coordinate your dress with someone else. McClatchy will provide details.

Welcome to 7th Grade Reading. Mandatory meeting for parents of the June Washington D. If work is not shown, then no credit is earned.

Welcome to Chelsea Middle School

Gradd 21 – If I see my students in a regular classroom setting, we will make up what was incomplete the previous day. Answer BIG 3 – What ch,s me? Please make sure your child has had breakfast and a good nights rest. Packets and team surveys will be shared through the Google Classroom, so get signed up today!! Please check your child’s agenda for pertinent information about this school year. Subscribe To Mailing List. Students will complete their research on their famous person.


Poetry MCT2 Review 2.

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Homework Thursday May 4 1. Chapter of Number the Stars 3.

Students will continue to read Wonder. On each card include a picture of the explorer, the country they sailed for, where they sailed and why, as well as any accomplishments each one made in their lifetime. I will be checking for this when I grade the papers. POV sheet 2.

8th grade homework chms

This is my eleventh year at CHMS. You will be required to complete the test on March Watch video of King’s speech.