He planned to build the perfect communist government by having total control of the gov. Alexander III Russian czar in Autocratic government, or a government that has total power Censorship Secret police Persecution of other nationalities. Vladimir Lenin, was known as. Stalin used lots of propaganda! Add to collection s Add to saved. The seven newly-created states in Europe all adopted the republican form of government. A dynamic leader u can build support for his policies and justify his actions heads most totalitarian governments.

It set impossibly high quotas o increase the output of steel,coal, oil, and electricity. The importance of hard work, sacrifice, and loyalty were big themes at all grade levels. In , Stalin turned against members of the Communist Party. He wanted to gain control of virtually all aspects of his Russia. During these times, the economy was at its golden point. He controlled education by indoctrination, making a false image on the minds of children, so they will believe that it is all done for the welfare of the citizens, which would also get children spying and betraying their own parents.

They also read letters to see if any of the spoke of treason. Stalin was the one who come with the Five-year plans for the development of the Soviet Union, he wanted to industrialize it, which he accomplish totalitarianksm made collective farms which combined them into large, government owned farms.

14.2 totalitarianism case study stalinist russia

Inalso, the government began to seize over 25 million privately-owned farms in the USSR to combine them into large, government-owned farms, called collective farms. Secret Police in Stalinist Russia. Inhe launched the Great Purge, a campagn of terror directed at eliminanting anyone who threatened his power, and so he did. The totalitarianism has the characteristics of reason, freedom, human dignity, and the worth totzlitarianism the individual.


TOTALITARIANISM Stalinist Russia – ppt download

The rule of the first Communist leader was over. If you want to discuss contents of this page – this is the easiest way to do it. The police destroyed churches and synagogues; also killed leaders of all faiths or staliinst them to labor camps.

Socialist Realism and the Soviet State. Also, surveillance technology makes it possible to keep track of activites of many people. They could only produce works that glorified the state, communism, or Stalin and his economic programs.

Chapter 14-2 Totalitarianism: Stalinist Russia

It set impossibly high quotas o increase the output of steel,coal, oil, and electricity. In Stalin’s plans called for a command economy, a system in which the government made all economic decisions.

Kulaks, wealthy peasants, protested against these collectives and they were eventually eliminated. We think you have liked this presentation. It challenges the highest values prized by Western democracies.

14.2 totalitarianism case study stalinist russia

Suggest us how to improve StudyLib For complaints, use another form. After Lenin had passed away Stalin decided to turn the Soviet Union into a totalitarian state.


They monitored telephone lines, read mail, and planted informers everywhere. The government limited the production of consumer goods. Thousands were executed for crimes against the Soviet state. Stalinist Russia”— Presentation transcript: Add this document to saved. No one exempt from suspicion or accusations that he or she is an enemy of the state. Stalin transformed the Soviet Union rusdia a totalitarian state to realize his vision. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Peasants fought the government’s attempt at taking their land, however by more than 90 percent of the farmers lived on collective farms.

14.2 totalitarianism case study stalinist russia

Registration Forgot your password? Stalin monitored telephone lines, read mail, and planted informers everywhere. He used the police to terrorize citizens into following the rules, by spying, using brutal force, or even murder.


Mass communitcation technology helps a totalarian government spread its aims and support its policies. Also dictator use to use it, but they use terror and violence to force obedience and to crush opposition. Totalittarianism seeks to meld government and its beliefs with society. Auth with social network: