Find the best service, and then make a well-informed decision. You already know people are talking about your brand on the Web, so you need to do your utmost to embrace and be a part of that conversation. In many ways, this is nothing new. We work with business of all shapes and sizes. If you have ever wondered why the supermarket moves everything around, then you will find answers in the studies conducted into impulse or unplanned purchases.

I called up Center Parcs expecting very little — but I was in for a surprise. At home, they’ll respond to a TV or radio ad by firing up search engines on their second screens. In , the then-CEO of the struggling Scandinavian Airlines suggested a change to the prevailing customer service philosophy, which became known as Moments of Truth. Turning up is no good if you are dishevelled and drunk. Customer touch points with brands have multiplied:

This was inand smartphone adoption has only grown ever since. The exact approach will vary depending upon cse, location and too many variables to cover here social media, search ads, display ads and content amplification are at least a start in the right direction.

We have always researched products.

On the go, customers search for store locations, compare prices and features, and call family and friends to get shudy. Ads are no longer as effective as they once were.

How to Make the Zero Moment of Truth Work for You

You can opt out anytime. How do they search for the problems, wants or needs your products or services solve?

Consider where they are, and make sure you are there ideally with an offer. You can use these tags: The study determined that the customer journey is changing:. Keep branding elements and logos consistent between all your marketing channels, so consumers trust that they’re exactly where they need to be and acse precisely who they’re dealing with.


These days, consumers aren’t as passive; they’re active, engaged and are likely to know as much about what’s being sold as the people selling it to them if not more.

This personalized approach can be as simple one or two collected insights or as complex mathematical algorithms that dynamically adjust and predict displayed content as your specific campaigns require. Be there to answer all questions and support those users, and you are ensuring a positive second moment of truth and brand experience.

These behaviors have redefined the way marketers now plan for online shoppers-causing a tremendous shift away from the way they used to plan their campaigns. Author By Zzmot Dunay pauldunay. And, being a bit lot of a geek, Zzmot will likely look into the science and studies that back up the claims made by the product.

As marketers, we have to help our consumers in their quest for information. In fact, a follow-up study in showed that users are grabbing their smartphone to research a product even earlier now, and there are even more touch points on the way to a purchase.

zmot case study

Content at the Zero Moment of Truth needs to be self-serve information regarding your product, industry, category and service. I will search for the brand. If you want to get a little more sophisticated, search, social and display ads offer a wealth of opportunity. This is where your product or service has to deliver on the promises made by your marketing.


zmot case study

What is the best HDTV? Users no longer wait for what they need. If people are searching for your brand online with questions, you’d better have useful and engaging answers for them-because if you don’t, your competition surely will.

How to Make the Zero Moment of Truth Work for You | Social Media Today

The must-read news, updates, and insights into all things social media marketing. For major purchases — from technology to cars — it may casse a process that takes place of days, weeks or even months. The second moment of truth relates to your customer using your product or service and ideally, having a great experience. Here are some ideas to help win at the Zero Moment of Truth: I have two boys, ages nine and four. In the real world, generating advocacy often requires a business process to stimulate those happy customers to review you or share positive feelings on stidy social media channels.

Cse are some things to consider when doing so: Use the search engine to help you research your customers. What do we do, as marketers, to leverage this information? Where can I buy a guitar tuner?