The question we ask ourselves is: The main headings at the top of the main pages are very inconsistent and look quite random. Are UI elements and interaction prompts easily recognisable? The appreciation that customers have for Yuppiechef is clearly reflected on its Hellopeter page, where the hundreds of compliments dwarf the six complaints. Prev 1 of 2 Next.

Potential competitors were faced with very high barriers to entry. However, as magazine sales have declined, the number of visitors to the website has skyrocketed, with more than three million visitors to the website every month, opening more than 40 million pages. AutoTrader South Africa Established: Website A tab on the Yuppiechef website dedicated to “Communities” clearly reflects the company’s dedication to interaction with their fans. Positive feedback Perhaps the most important key to the success of Yuppiechef is its commitment to quality customer service. The team selected Soil for Life, a charity that teaches rural communities how to plant their own fresh produce. The main headings at the top of the main pages are very inconsistent and look quite random.

What is the role of a for-profit public company?

We had to take a short-term hit, but we knew that we would benefit from it in the long term. Some input fields contain icons while others have no visual representation. Levergy and New Balance SA launch global cricket campaign. The user is not forced to create an account at any time during their user journey.

The articles available are usually brief and easy to consume and come with their fair share of Yuppiechef-generated food photography. Interestingly, though, we spent as much time and money focusing on the things that were employee-facing as the ones that were customer-facing.


Yuppiechef case study

Are UI elements and interaction prompts easily recognisable? Is the user presented with ambient information for quick actions? While he acknowledges that determining the financial benefits of yuppiecher media spend can be tricky, he believes these forums offer a great way to communicate with the public and get them involved. Looking at this question has resulted in us taking on social issues such as yyppiechef marriage, gay rights, gun control and racism.

These are no small industry players.

Yuppiechef: Paul Galatsis, Andrew Smith and Shane Dryden

In the online space, we really do have this incredible opportunity to maintain a relationship with customers, says Yuppiechef director Paul Galatis. From the level of compliance for the usability rules, a score is allocated for each of the 10 heuristics.

Being human The film Fight Club famously depicted Starbucks as the epitome of the faceless corporation taking over the globe, but the company is actually quite unique in its willingness to speak out and engage with people on a social and even political level.

The video content here is a mix of curated video clips, user-generated videos, in-house mini films showcasing staff testing Yuppiechef products, and fun content like ‘kettle boiler races’. Respecting and cherishing employees Howard Schultz is a humanist at heart, and this is reflected in the culture of the company that he created. To further cross-pollinate various online properties, Yuppiechef includes an app that allows visitors to sign up for the newsletter directly from the Facebook page.

Rewarding the right things Schultz famously stepped away from the role of Starbucks CEO for around five years, and during that time the culture of the company quickly deteriorated. Today, it has around 24 stores in more than 70 countries. SA consumers felt the best customer service came from: Consistency and standards Users should not have to wonder whether different words, situations, or actions mean the same thing.


Each of the 10 evaluation criteria has been assigned 3 usability rules that support and drive the specific outcome for the heuristic this number is not set, it can vary. Please click here for more information and to request permission.

Yuppiechef: Paul Galatsis, Andrew Smith and Shane Dryden | Entrepreneur

Evaluation for the yuppiechef. Prev 1 of 2 Next. Both are very bad ideas. Sign in Get started. Yuppiechef also host a regular micro competition on Facebook called “Crafty Close-ups”, during which a close-up photo of a Yuppiechef product is posted.

yuppiechef case study

Schultz attributes it to the following seven core principles. The forms are straightforward, however small tweaks to larger forms such as segmenting parts of the form by adding subheadings can improve the readability.

yuppiechef case study

We started chatting to RMIH, who were aligned to our thinking. And its market cap? Sell yuppiedhef early, and the exact opposite happens.

While growth is good, it has a tendency to birth a ravenous monster that is impossible to satiate.