Butterfly Ten Frame Recommended subtraction practice for year olds! Year 4 Fractions, Decimals and Percentages. Race others on the internet. Try this game and test your skills. Counting Game A skip-counting game. Gordons doubling and halving dartboard.

Parents an have a team too! Below are links to many other useful websites: Gordons matching pairs – time. Gordons guess the number. It is just a good fun way to learn about how shapes tessellate! Four turns to A card game involving addition and place value.

Codebreaker An easier variation on the classic Mastermind game. The levels correspond very roughly to the new GCSE grades.

wmnet maths problem solving

There will be set routines for homework in each class. Gordons paying for ice cream.

Problem Solving

Great for the IWB. The PixiMaths problem solving booklets are aimed at “crossover” marks questions that will be on both higher and foundation so will be accessed by most students.

Water Slide Work out which numbers add to Very motivating, particularly for boys!

Also Ten Fat Sausages song. Great maths games for children from 5 – 7 years of age on this Internet maths magazine. This brief lesson is designed to lead students into thinking about how to solve mathematical problems.


Most of the keys have fallen off Eric’s calculator.

wmnet maths problem solving

Dartboard Fantastic darts game to practise doubles and addition. Gordons place value chart. These are produced by the Coventry Primary Numeracy Team for use by teachers and pupils and poblem known as Gordons.

Good for building mental math skills in different contexts. I have only recently been shown Maths Problem Solving and it is awesome – there are links to problem solving resources for all areas of maths, as well as plenty of general problem solving too. Ever fancied running a football club? School website created using School Jottera Webanywhere product. Counting Game A skip-counting game. Problem Solving with Data Handling.

See if you can work out the numbers with the remaining keys. Problem Solving with Ratio and Proportion.

Problem Solving | nzmaths

Year 4 Compass Directions Song Have a listen to this song to help you remember the order of the cardinal compass points and how to identify the directions in between.

Maths websites Single-Player games from www. Gordons centre total dartboard. You child should have a user name and password card.


Place Value Charts Excellent for understanding place value. I give students some time to work independently, then time to discuss with their prolbem, then we go through it as a class. Year 4 Expanded Column Subtraction This video demonstrates the expanded column method for subtraction that we will be looking at in Year 4.

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When I first introduced the booklets, I encouraged my students to use scaffolds like those mentioned herethen gradually weaned them off the scaffolds. Ed the owl explains what multiples are and then lroblem can try his quiz which will test your knowledge of multiples.

Gordons problem solving – zids and zods. Gordons guess my number. There are instructions, planning sheets, teacher notes and downloadable sheets to support the resource.