Damnet, Anamai Enhancing acquisition of intercultural nonverbal competence: Eghliaow, Salem Mohamed An empirical examination of the determinants of audit report delay in Libya. Mak, Christine Suet Yee Evaluation of health programs: Carroll, Brian Frank A riotous black man from way down south: Fiona Cliff picked up on research carried out for her honours research essay to trace men across the Empire, from the Crimea to India to New Zealand, examining what the men did and did not take with them. Gillespie, Christine My ornament:

James, Jennifer P An analysis of the breastfeeding practices of a group of mothers living in Victoria, Australia. Frois, Lisa The effect of isometric muscle energy technique and therapeutic jaw exercises on pain of the temporomandibular joint. Joshi, Anusuya Community-based waste management strategies in relation to a targeted Nepalese community. Casey and Australian foreign policy: Research Master thesis, Monash University.

Abraham, Alison Action Research Study: Addressing the Grand Challenges of the world requires a mode of research that can mirror their scale and complexity. Azhar, Aftab H Short term planning and operation of irrigation systems. dxtabase

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Kleebpung, Nonthasruang Advertising and media literacy: China under Xi Jinping has a story databas tell. Fernando, Emmanuel Identifying and predicting turning points in Australian inbound tourism demand growth. If you datavase obtain permission for the reuse of third party materials then you will need to submit two electronic copies of your thesis to the library.


Galante, Rosa An investigation of subjective and objective sleepiness, performance and mood in patients with obstructive sleep apnoea and shift-workers. Ferrer, Justine Reconceptualising engagement: Lastly, the livelihood of soldier settlers is explored — the thesis investigating what sort of civilian lives soldier settlers experienced and how they made a living for themselves and their families.

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Hoang, Thi Thanh Van Urban planning and the place marketing model: Horiguchi, Hikaru Networks for local governance: Through its use in tjesis arenas, the Enfield had a considerable physical impact on the British Empire, but it had even greater discursive significance. John Arousal and behaviour of coaches during competition.

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Daly, Matthew The short term effects of muscle energy technique on thoracic range of motion. Ker Walsh, Jean Do you hear what I hear?

Dioguardi, Dino Use of modified atmosphere packaging to extend the shelf-life of whole and pre-cut lettuce. Abrahams, Brooke Tourism information systems integration and utilization within the semantic web.

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Gamage, Nilantha Daily streamflow estimation using remote sensing data. Jordan, Douglas Conflict in the Unions: Research Master thesis, Monash University. Alharbi, Mohammad Developing workplace competencies for Saudi Arabia’s youth.

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Basumatary, Subhash Biomechanical analysis of instep kick in soccer. Kruss, Julie L “Country women are resilient but Jovanovski, Natalie Digesting Femininities: Betteridge, Scott Sheng-Yi The role of nitrates in skeletal muscle metabolism during contraction.


Mitsis, Ann Antecedents to student-based brand equity: Hede, Anne-Marie A conceptual and empirical investigation of the determinants of consumer satisfaction within the context of special events: Scott Flutey is spending his summer digitsing the Ellott collection at Te Papa, examining this postal thessi with an eye to such questions as w ho was writing, to whom, and what were they writing about?

Bourke, Rosie Jean The effects of localized fatigue in the knee extensors on crank power and muscle activation. Bevinakoppa, Savitridevi G Digital image compression on parallel computer architectures.

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Cornall, Denise Promoting optimal breastfeeding through the osteopathic therapeutic cycle. Chaunkamnerdkarn, Sirirat Using learning style knowledge to enhance student learning and skill development: Chandran, Jaideep An image based colorimetric technique for portable blood gas analysis.

Frichitthavong, Phouthava Tara Policy development and implementation: Bollard, Robert The active chorus: Copyright When depositing your thesis we ask if you have used any third party content.