Graduation Requirements Are you looking for confirmation that you will be eligible to graduate at the next convocation ceremony? Students must apply to the appropriate Faculty for permission to pursue a second degree at the same level or higher than the first degree. A Cross Disciplinary Major module consists of 6. Plagiarism Checking All required papers may be subject to submission for textual similarity review to the commercial plagiarism detection software under license to the University for the detection of plagiarism. Effective September 1, , as a result of the Undergraduate Reform, the requirement for graduation from the Bachelor Degree Four-Year is successful completion of The chart below indicates the possibilities for upgrading to an Honors Bachelor Degree:.

February in absentia Students applying to graduate in February: Notes on the Modules Module Combinations and Overlap Modules in the same discipline normally may not be combined: Essay Course Requirements Satisfactory completion of at least 2. Students admitted with advanced standing to a Bachelor Degree Three-Year are required to complete a minimum of 5. Students must meet all graduation requirements for the Bachelor Degree Three-Year.

In the case of transfer students, courses taken on Letter of Permission or Exchange are not to be counted as part of the necessary The Honors Bachelor Degree – A minimum The remaining first-year courses must be completed successfully.

For further fees information, please refer to the Student Financial Services section Students must consult the Dean’s office of both Faculties for permission to register in, progress in and graduate with a second undergraduate degree with an Honors Specialization, Specialization or Major module.

Students who are admitted to Western with transfer credits, and who are admitted with advanced standing must complete a minimum of Students must satisfy the breadth and essay degree requirements for graduation: The chart below indicates the possibilities for upgrading to a Four-Year Bachelor Degree: Satisfactory completion of 5.


Request a Graduation Check by following these guidelines: For the purposes of this requirement, courses completed while participating in one of Western’s International Exchange Programs are deemed to be courses completed through Western University.

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For complete degree requirements refer to the Graduation Regulations section. Enrollment in some modules is limited and meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee that students will be offered enrollment.

Normally, these academic options are listed within Departmental or Faculty degree availability sections.

Admission Requirements

Sign up for Remind Today! Every source including websites that students have consulted whether they refer to it directly or not must be included in a bibliography Works Cited. Honors Specialization in the same subject as either the Major or Requiremennt module completed in the previous degree.

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If students have any questions about plagiarism, they should ask their instructor. Bachelor Degree Four-Year programs are composed of not fewer than Progression Requirements For progression in a Specialization module, a student must meet the minimum Progression Requirements to continue at the University.

The University of Western Ontario : ESSAY COURSES

Transfer students who are admitted with advanced standing must complete a minimum of These cases are detailed in the relevant module descriptions. The Faculty will consider the requirements for breadth and residency in specifying the courses required to complete the second degree.

Major 1st Year Requirements Successful completion of all first year requirements. Double Majors in different subjects than the Specialization or Major or Minor module completed in the previous degree. Business Administration – Graduation Requirements To be eligible for graduation, fourth year students must meet the following requirements: Not offered in the Bachelor of Science degree.


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The university wants to help requurement achieve that goal: Students progressing into third year must meet the requirements to enter a module. Students who wish to combine modules containing the same courses must consult the Department s and Faculty concerned to see if such overlap is permitted. Students who fail to meet the progression requirements of either degree will be required to withdraw from the concurrent degree.

Students who have received a 3 or 4 Year or Honors Bachelor Degree from this or another accredited university may be granted advanced standing toward a professional degree.

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Major s in the same subject s as the Minor module s completed in the previous degree. The modular fssay for each Major will be calculated separately. A reasonable and conscientious effort is all that is required. Students who wish to enter this module in a senior year must mee the above requirements and the progression requirements for the module.