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EPrints Budapest http: EPrints Malaysia http: Home Indian Institute of 28 May Electronic theses and dissertation ETD repositories: CU Information system Thesis and dissertation repository. How to find us.

uvt thesis database

Provides access to documents. Due to the various benefits of Electronic Theses and Dissertations ETDsthey are gaining importance over their traditional formats.

Participants discussed the latest approaches to electronic publishing and whether or not they could be applied to the preparation of dissertations.

All public academic and research institutes should be encouraged to set up freely accessible institutional repositories of their full-text articles and publications subject to copyright restrictions.

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Driving on the Green Road: DSpace University of Limpopo http: Sometimes special or exceptional letter types, symbols or figures may be a problem. How to find us. EPrints University of Delhi http: Status of E-theses Repositories with special reference to India.


uvt thesis database

Repository is systematically supplemented by final theses which had been defended since September 29, EPrints University of Pittsburgh http: The message of a theses or dissertation may be better conveyed electronically than in a paper document.

DoKS Brugge Oostende http: EPrints December http: DSpace Technology, Bombay 84 http: Home 24 Vidyanidhi, University of There are procedures for students per faculty for publishing a digital version of the thesis to databasd library database. DoKS October http: Public Please note that your thesis will be made publicly dataabse in the Thesis database via the library i.

Search our website Search Search. DSpace Astrophysics, India http: E-Prints University http: A reservoir of Indian theses The digital version of the thesis should consist of one single pdf file.

DSpace Universidad de Burgos http: There is no need to send a paper copy to the library.

Further information about the progress of registration and publication of electronic version of final theses at the Charles University can be found in a methodical guide.


Some universities began their ETD by instituting and electronic copy requirement along with the paper version during submission of the theses or dissertation.

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DSpace University Repository http: DSpace Catolica del Peru http: References Budapest Open Access Initiative EPrints University of Zagreb, February http: Databases Theses and dissertations are known to be the rich and unique source of information, often the only source for research work that does not find its way into various publication channels.

The digital version of your thesis needs to be sent in pdf format. Bora College, shantashrees yahoo. CU Information system Thesis and dissertation repository.