You may be asked to submit a copy of the corrected thesis to one or more members of your committee. Students write a proposal and draft the first three chapters of their thesis during NH At least one member of the committee must be in the student’s major program. The thesis is presented at a formal defense, open to the public, and evaluated by the student’s mentor, the NH faculty of record, and the student’s academic advisor. A formal thesis proposal is due to the instructor of NH and the thesis mentor by Week 8 of the spring semester of junior year.

When submitting a College Honors proposal, students should register for the appropriate Honors course HON 2XX through the department in which they hope to pursue their Honors work. Consequently, departmental honors coursework or “Readings and Research” are not sufficient to fulfill this requirement. Contents of your proposal The proposal must contain each of the following components, clearly labeled: Because your ability to carry out an advanced independent project is being judged, in large part, by the quality of your proposal, pay special attention to the guidelines for the proposal outlined here and the advice of your supervisor. Students may pursue a thesis or creative project. In the senior year, students complete their 6-credit thesis project under the supervision of a faculty mentor.

Your aim in the end is to identify ;roposal topic that seems interesting enough to pursue in detail for one whole year. A faculty mentor from outside the department in which the thesis was completed, who will serve as chair of the committee.

This proposal will probably need several revisions before it is submitted to the College clllege Arts and Sciences Committee on Honors. Defend the thesis in an oral examination a “defense” before a three-person “thesis committee” comprised of the following people secured by the student: This course provides advice and guidance in the development and implementation of a thesis project.


When the student earns a final thesis grade, the instructor assigns that grade for all thesis credits. Description of the Project: Talk to your three committee members and find a day, time, and location they and you can all agree to. Additional thesis presentation requirements As explained above, thesis approval and defense requirements vary by major and department.

Attend a Hall Council meeting, where you can help plan programs and activities for residents in University Heights.

Junior/Senior Curriculum

Timeline, structure, and deadlines will be set by the course instructor. The defense must take place prior to the first day of final exams in the semester of graduation. Please note that, with the exception of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences, all the colleges are able to exercise some flexibility in the matter of which semester students should take the course.

Travel may be funded if it is intrinsic to the project, i. What’s the best way to go about approaching a faculty member about advising my project? HON is a 1-credit thesis prep course offered in both fall and spring. During the senior year, the thesis advisor will help the student find two additional faculty members to serve on the thesis defense committee. Students work with their individual advisor; there is no committee or outside readers. It does, however, include key components of any successful thesis proposal.

uvm honors college thesis proposal

Will belonging to the Honors College limit the courses I take or activities I take part in? Monday, April 1, — Spring early deadline: Please note that this is an “accounting” issue only; students are expected to do an equal amount of work both semesters regardless of how the credit is distributed.


uvm honors college thesis proposal

Your advisor can give you an idea of how these are laid out in your department. Specific due dates are published every year; usually the due thrsis is the second Friday in September of the senior year. These courses can be taken for variable credit and spread over two semesters.

For the DUR Award: Typically, these 6 credits are distributed evenly between the first and second semesters, i. By the deadline for submission of the proposal usually the end of Septemberyou should thhesis five copies of the completed application and proposal to the College of Arts and Sciences Deans Office.

Guidelines for Honors Research Proposals | College of Arts and Sciences | The University of Vermont

All students receiving funding must have a designated UVM faculty mentor. The proposal is by far the most important piece of the application package. It is imperative that it be detailed and well constructed. How long is the proposal supposed to be?

uvm honors college thesis proposal

In addition, flourishing careers and successful graduate hinors are less structured than undergraduate curricula: Section D is for students pursuing a capstone internship. Even if the student or his or her supervisor does not agree with all of the Committee’s comments, it is best to address each of the comments as comprehensively as possible.

Students will ordinarily take HON in the spring semester of junior year; HON should be taken in the fall semester if a student plans to study abroad during the spring semester.