The distribution is as follows:. Check with Graduate Admission and Records not Accounting to be sure that you do not owe any money to the University. Return to secondary navigation. Skip to secondary navigation. Convocation occurs twice a year in June and November.

The room is then cleared of all spectators and the candidate, while the committee confers and comes to a decision. Create an account in UVicSpace at https: It is expected that all oral examinations will take place on the UVic campus. The primary supervisor shall oversee the revision of the project. You will receive an email confirming that your thesis format has been approved or corrections are still required.

Graduation requirements and deadlines

Sign in to online tools Sign out UVic Search. Check with your graduate secretary: That the independent research work is acceptable and the oral defense is acceptable.

uvic thesis defence schedule

It is advisable that the proxy have some substantive knowledge of the area or be knowledgeable in the research methodology. Sign in to online tools Sign out UVic Search. That the dissertation or thesis is acceptable as presented and the oral defense is acceptable.

The student and the committee will decide on a date for the oral that is convenient for everyone. The supervisory committee plus a Chair and at least one other examiner from outside the University. Complete the submission steps.

UVicSpace is like a virtual shelf of published theses and dissertations on the library website. In the event that a faculty member is unable to attend in person or virtually, the member is expected to provide questions for the examination, and is responsible for finding a proxy to attend the examination and ask the questions of the candidate.


Doctorate oral exam announcements – University of Victoria

The external examiner has the first opportunity to ask questions, followed by the committee members, and finally the supervisor. The following gives you a general ideal of tasks involved in scheduling the oral.

In this case, all schddule of the examining committee except the primary supervisor shall sign the Letter of Recommendation and at the end of the examination, work together ucic draw up a list of revisions and establish a time thewis for the completion of these revisions. This must be done by the last day of the term you wish to complete in—no exceptions. Uvkc Faculty of Graduate Studies does not cover any expenses incurred in relation to PhD and Master’s oral examinations.

If communication is necessary, it must be made through the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies. Return to page content. A sudden illness or emergency that does not allow for the examination to be completed; an external environmental situation arises that forces the exam to be prematurely terminated such as fire alarm, power failure or natural disaster ; or when the technology being used breaks down and cannot be repaired in time to continue the examination.

In that case, you must submit a new application through MyPage, including a full application fee. Getting your degree parchment diploma Your degree is the final chapter of your UVic story.

uvic thesis defence schedule

Google Scholar and other search engins regularly crawl UVicSpace, to share your work with other scholars in your field. Return to global menu. Under exceptional circumstances, upon the advice of one or more committee members and of the chair of the academic unit, the Dean of Graduate Studies may sign the Thesis Approval Form and the academic unit’s Letter of Recommendation on behalf of the supervisor.


The examining committee may also evaluate and examine other aspects of the degree such as specified course work or an understanding of any required reading list. The date for reconvening shall be no later than six months from the date of the first examination. Select the term in which you intend to complete your program.

A student who fails the oral examination has the right to appeal and should consult with the Dean of Graduate Studies.

To be eligible, students must be registered in the term in which the defense takes place, and have paid their minimum program fee instalments prior schedulw that term.

uvic thesis defence schedule

This information includes registration for attendance at the ceremony, info about gown rental and parking, and options for receiving your degree by mail or pick-up. The external examiner must be appointed by the Dean of Graduate Studies in consultation with the department sand must be an arm’s-length authority in the field of research being examined. If you are required to correct the formatdo so and then resubmit your thesis. An application fee is assessed and is payable immediately, by credit card only.

You must apply to graduate in order defende receive information about the upcoming convocation. If you do not know the email address for your program clerk, email garo uvic.