Sign and submit the completed request for oral examination form together with an updated CV from the External Examiner for approval by the Dean as well as a copy of the Confirmation of Arm’s Length Status Form. GARO will complete two full evaluations of your record to confirm that you have met all program requirements. Graduate Studies will provide a copy of the thesis to the chair of the examination. UVicSpace is like a virtual shelf of published theses and dissertations on the library website. That the independent research work is acceptable subject to minor revision and the oral defense is acceptable. Questions should be addressed to the GSS.

Under exceptional circumstances, upon the advice of one or more committee members and of the chair of the academic unit, the Dean of Graduate Studies may sign the Thesis Approval Form and the academic unit’s Letter of Recommendation on behalf of the supervisor. Find out how to order certified copies or degree completion letters once your degree has been conferred. Applications open one year in advance. Return to global menu. Sign in to online tools Sign out UVic Search. Skip to secondary navigation.

A detailed and complete list of the necessary revisions shall be set by majority vote of the examining committee and given to the student at the conclusion of the examination.

This must be done by the last day of the term you wish to complete in—no exceptions. Return to global menu. thedis

Graduation requirements and deadlines

You must apply to graduate by Nov 15 December completion or Feb 15 April completion for Spring convocation, and by July 15 for Fall convocation. Skip to primary navigation.

There may be a second round of questions, and the exam Chair may also have a question rarely. Library and Archives Canada will harvest your thesis, along with all others from UVic, and archive a copy in their collection. A GARO program clerk will review the format of your thesis. It only takes a few steps to cross the stage and receive your degree, but a lot more goes into getting you there.


Guidelines for oral examinations

You must also submit a copy of the thesis approval form to your supervisor at the time of your examination. The Dean of Graduate Studies will appoint a Chair from outside the academic unit for the and final oral examination.

You’ll receive more instructions about the ceremony itself, and you’ll schexule escorted from this room to the auditorium by a ceremony marshall. Make all revisions after the defense. Log into MyPage and click on the Graduation tab. The student and all supervisory committee members are normally expected to be present at the oral examination either in person, or virtually.

Upcoming oral examinations – University of Victoria

A student who fails the oral examination has the right to appeal and should consult with the Dean of Graduate Studies regarding the appropriate procedures. Notice of examination will be communicated to all faculty members involved and to each academic unit at least 5 working days prior to the date of the examination.

Skip to primary navigation. She will then submit all the forms to the Graduate Admissions and Records Office.

uvic thesis defence schedule

After consultation with the candidate, the maximum length of time permitted for the revision shall be set by majority vote of the committee, but shall not exceed one year from the date of the oral examination. The distribution is as follows: Any language requirement must be met before the student proceeds to the oral examination. In this case, the committee shall make a written report to the Dean of Graduate Studies within 14 calendar days of the date of the oral examination outlining the reasons for this decision.


Applying to graduate How do I apply schexule graduate? Where the thesis is acceptable but the student has failed the zchedule defense.

uvic thesis defence schedule

If you are completing your degree requirements this year, be aware that the university has several rules governing the degree completion and graduation process. Oral examinations are open to the public.

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Oral examinations – University of Victoria

When an examination is adjourned for theesis circumstance, each member of the examining committee ddfence make a scedule report to the Dean of Graduate Studies within 10 working days of the date of the oral examination. It is advisable that the proxy have some substantive knowledge of the area or be knowledgeable in the research methodology. The proxy must be a member of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Whether you need help to start your resume or CV or want to know the best way to ask for a reference letterthere are tools available to help you get on the academic track.

Your academic record will be reviewed to confirm that your program requirements have been or will be met within that term. Skip to global menu. Return to primary navigation. The proxy does not replace the absent member of the committee, but merely represents the absent member at the oral examination. CPFA Ancillary fees will be assessed for the term.