But when we’re reminded that we matter, things get better. On Monday, Trump will be 1st foreign leader to meet new emperor. That fear is stoking the wildfires in our politics and society. One guy explains his lack of participation by introducing the Russian idiom for tone deafness: The New York senator hopes to distinguish herself in the race with a Family Bill of Rights that addresses issues like child care and paid leave. Mordecai gives it a shot:

On Monday, Trump will be 1st foreign leader to meet new emperor. Sheer partisanship is his top asset. An investigation into a racist photo on Virginia Gov. One curator shares the tip of trying to express the core point of the content in four words. They wound up working together at MoveOn. Federal prosecutors have charged lawyer Michael Avenatti with defrauding the client who made him famous:

Nancy Pelosi may have obtained a temporary reprieve from pressure to initiate impeachment proceedings against a stonewalling president. Matt Bevin has richly earned his unpopularity, especially among those who value public education.

Mnuchin says redesign postponed. Both founders make slightly pained faces in response.

Berkeley graduation speech goes viral on good

To date, the Upworthy community has logged more than 1. A total of students — undergraduates and graduates — received degrees. Mnuchin said that the design process has been delayed, and no new imagery will be unveiled until And whatever that person said to me, I would go home and write about.

Mordecai gives it a shot: But when we’re reminded that we matter, things get better. I think we wanted to be a little more Daily Show when we started, and wound up being more … Upworthy.


upworthy graduation speech

Upworthu Brexit chainsaws its way through British politics, dismantling decades-old political allegiances, tearing apart the traditional parties and leaving voters confused, frustrated and angry, the Brexit Party is thriving by offering a simple and hard-edge message. On Monday, Trump will be 1st foreign leader to meet new emperor.

The photo depicts one person in blackface and another in Ku Klux Klan attire.

Upworthy’s Pariser delivers Commencement keynote address — Dominican University of California

Their target audience is the whole broad mass of Americans. Already facing gfaduation 40 charges from a March indictment, the lawyer was hit with a few more for good measure by a Manhattan grand jury on Wednesday. They care about fostering gradation engagement with their brand as a one-stop provider of substantive experiences. The first answer is that nobody really knows—although Tony Haile, CEO of the analytics company Chartbeat, did recently say that available data shows no link between how much a piece of content is shared and how much time the average person spends with it before closing her browser tab.

Upworth unveiling had been timed to coincide with the th anniversary of the 19th amendment which granted women the right to vote. The leading tech companies all offer feminized assistants that perpetuate gender stereotypes. In any event I pray for the president of the United States.

What the Internet Is Hiding from You. That fear is stoking the wildfires in our politics and society.

Upworthy’s Pariser delivers Commencement keynote address

Upworthy takes that old binary—earnest versus cynical, fair versus manipulative, righteous versus self-interested—and twists it into meaninglessness, from the mission statement on down. Unless you put her there yourself.


upworthy graduation speech

It’s important — and maybe even the key to saving democracy and solving the biggest problems we face. Even core aspects of what the site does—like the way it curates and aggregates content produced by other people—turn out to be answers to that question: The core audience may not be the biggest, but it can be relied on to echo links to everybody it knows.

During that time, he also co-founded Avaaz. To follow Pariser on Twitter, please click here. NIMBYs get another win over efforts to preempt local zoning rules restricting housing supply.

In what appear to be his first public remarks on U. Log in or link your magazine subscription. Would you need to be a black-hearted monster to feel that there must be a catch? Pariser has dedicated his career to determining how technology can elevate important topics in the world — as a best-selling author, a pioneering online organizer, and most recently, as a co-founder of Upworthy, one of the fastest-growing media companies of all time.

Cuomo, a third-term Democrat and regular critic of Mr. Upworthy really is constructed from the ground up to make sure its content spreads far and wide.