Vireo was designed to be very user friendly, and students should not have much trouble figuring out what to do in order to successfully submit. Basic statistics about this collection. Skip to main content. Details are available from the Graduate Office in the College of Music. Attend all orientation sessions scheduled by the director of graduate studies in music. Audition procedures may be obtained from the chair of the division of keyboard studies. All faculty members who formally mentor graduate students must be members of the University Graduate Faculty.

Toulouse Graduate School provides information concerning workshops and funding available to graduate students across campus as well as important deadlines for graduation. Administration, faculty and librarians. Theses and Dissertations For some of you, the most important moment in your graduate experience is when you defend your thesis or dissertation. A face-to-the-camera, high-quality video recording DVD or VHS cassette of the applicant conducting a rehearsal and interacting with an ensemble he or she regularly conducts. Last 60 hours of study Major performance, 16 hours. Choose from any field in music or outside of music at the or level. Any source referred to in the Topic Proposal must be cited in the bibliography as well.

Choral conducting, 2 hours Choose from any field in music or outside of music. Henry Holt and Co.

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Further information pertaining to the doctoral qualifying examinations is included in the DMA Performance Handbook, which may be downloaded from the College of Music graduate advising web site: Guidelines for submitting Performance Guides Performance Guides explore cases in which genuine complexities arise in the relationship between musical notation and the moment of performance.


Research included should represent a variety of bibliographic formats, including but not limited to: Study secondary literature on editing, and examine existing critical editions as examples for method and mode of presentation. All DMA degree candidates must include on their degree plan a related field of not fewer than 12 hours disssertation from the dka listed below.

Remaining 6 hours determined in consultation with related field advisor. Be accepted by the College of Music to do doctoral level work. You do not need to complete the entire submission process in one sitting; however, the entire process must be completed and confirmed by the submission deadlines.

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The DMA dissertation consists of all required recitals plus the written document. Some of the most significant are:.

Three names of people include their addresses and phone numbers willing to speak to the candidates musical abilities they may be the same people who send the letters of recommendation.

El Paso County, TX. Choose one of the dissettation The statement of purpose should be justified by the Significance and State of Research. This portion of the proposal should consist of chapter numbers and their proposed titles in the form of an outline similar to a table of contents. Explore Holdings Start browsing through the holdings of this collection in one disserration the following ways: Program notes do not constitute a performance guide.

Its tone should be impersonal and unbiased.

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Devyn DoughertyAssistant to the Director; Candidates for Doctoral Dissertatikn programs must pass an audition on the required repertoire for their instrument or voice.


Additionally, we have many resources in our Writing section that can provide you with insight on copyright issues, plagiarism, style guides and the like.

Application procedures — Performance Conducting The admission process for conducting applicants consists of two stages. If you are registered for ema undergraduate and graduate coursework in one semester, the College of Music Graduate Studies Office needs to verify the deficiency courses, your full-time credit status, and complete a letter which you need to bring to Financial Aid in the ESSC.

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Apply for admission to the College of Music with the application for admission, audition, scholarship, fellowship and assistantships available at music. ProQuest submission in Vireo is optional.

unt dma dissertation

Theses and Dissertations For some of you, the most important moment in your graduate experience is when you defend your thesis or dissertation. Strunk, William, and E. d,a

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Lists representing the following: The Proposal should be submitted in double spaced, point, Times New Roman font with standard margins. College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. Appropriate topics for Performance Guides include: Students with a specialization in woodwinds or percussion must take at least three hours of literature in the major field. College of Visual Arts and Design.