The TDA form indicates that the committee has determined the dissertation is ready for deposit. Links to the required supporting items are available here. After this time, a new final examination may need to be conducted. Uiuc dissertation thesis withholding office of technology management graduate college format deposit. All corrections and additional materials must be received in satisfactory condition by the Thesis Office no later than 5: Your deposit must be completed by the deadline for your intended graduation period. We recommend doing so before you submit your thesis to the Graduate College.

Copyright Page optional Sample No page number 2. All TDA forms must be signed by the department head or director of graduate studies. You may also check the status of our review of your thesis at any time by returning to your submission profile via the link provided above. Dissertation topics for development studies. And it may take several days for the Thesis Office to review and approve your thesis for deposit. Collection Statistics Statistics Report.

uiuc dissertation deposit

Also note that the Table of Contents is most useful for the reader when entries are limited to chapter-level titles only or to chapter-level titles and first-level main section headings, as has been done in the examples above. Organizing your thesis The links below will direct you to the Graduate College thesis requirements, as well as sample pages and templates to further guide you in formatting depoxit thesis.

Check with your department regarding policies and procedures. Electronic submission of the master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation to the Graduate College for both review and deposit is mandatory.

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Pay the deposit fee, which will appear in your Self-Service account shortly after your deposit is complete. Signatures of advisers or committee members may be obtained by faxing or scanning and emailing the form for the off-campus individual to sign signatures must be depost and return. If you are a Departmental Format Reviewer additional information is available. Adviser or Committee Member: Epol phd depoist chosen as spencer ion fellow the uiuc deposit graduate college completion fellowship.


The Graduate College Thesis Office will not begin the thesis format review without notification of departmental approval. Make sure to upload any copyright permission letters if needed with your thesis submission. There are two versions of the TDA form: To submit your electronic thesis or dissertation ETDplease follow our instructions for submitting your thesis.

Students are expected to deposit their dissertation promptly following their final exam to preserve the currency of the research and the integrity of the document approved by the committee. All corrections and additional materials must be received in satisfactory condition by the Thesis Office no later than 5: Christine jenkins pages text version fliphtml5 uc dissertation deposit format dates graduate college completion fellowship.

Where do I find the required supporting items I need to submit in order to complete my deposit?

Stage 3 of the Thesis Process: Graduate College Approval

Save yourself the stress of a last-minute thesis submission and start planning now! Img uiuc dissertation deposit thesis deadline format dates english dissertations.

uiuc dissertation deposit

The Thesis Office will notify you by email when your deposit is complete. How will I know my thesis has been accepted?

uiuc dissertation deposit

The fee will appear on your student account approximately one business day after your deposit is complete. And it may take several days for the Disaertation Office to review and approve your thesis for deposit. If you have supplemental appendix files for your thesis video, audio, data sets, etc. Getting Started About Contact Us. Should I submit my thesis to the Graduate College for review if I am still in the process of making revisions?


Graduate College Thesis Deadlines

When do I electronically submit my thesis or dissertation? Main Text Figures, tables, or other illustrative material.

Scholarly publications and college-level teaching assignments may be used as partial evidence of the student’s current knowledge of his or her field, but a preliminary examination committee must be appointed by the Graduate College, an examination given, and its result reported to the Graduate College.

Your thesis deposit is not complete until you have made all corrections requested by the Graduate College Thesis Office and have submitted all supporting items required for the deposit.

Thesis Submission FAQs

If you deposit electronically, your dissertation or thesis will appear in this collection once your degree is conferred. The Thesis Office strongly recommends that students submit the departmentally approved thesis to the Graduate College at least one week prior to the deposit deadline. However, please note that the thesis should be submitted to the Graduate College only after the thesis.

Graduate College Thesis Requirements. Please note that submission of an ETD is not the same as thesis deposit ; the ETD is considered deposited only after all corrections requested by the Graduate College have been satisfactorily completed and all required supporting items have been received by the Thesis Office.