Learning and Teaching Service. When applying to university, A Level students are often advised to research how the institutions they are considering perform in surveys and where they are ranked in the league tables for particular courses etc. The email text can be seen below. Contact the Finance department. The sections you need to complete for each student are highlighted.

Essay 1 Type of work: Do I print my work single- or double-sided? The idea that statistics mean little in the face of individual cases should also be taken into account. This means you do not need to submit evidence, but you must detail the circumstances. The sections you need to complete for each student are highlighted. Hub staff are available between 8am and 6pm to receive coursework or answer queries. I handed in my work early, but my e:

I have made a mistake and uploaded the wrong file.

Can I use paperclips or staples to secure my coversheet and work? Specific Learning Difficulty Support. What corsework if I cannot print or see my coversheet? Can I submit my work without a coversheet? Book a Meeting Room.


uea submitting coursework late

Your module organiser will inform you if your coursework is to be submitted via this route. There is no way of telling. You should check with the person setting the work. The marker flags any assessments they feel have exceeded the word limit latee the Learning and Teaching Service. The reason for this email is that you no longer have a cover sheet to amend to inform the student they have a late penalty. Contact the Finance department.

If submitting electronically through e: Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts. Security – Report an Incident. Contact the Finance department. The Coursework coversheet has a Submktting Count Box.

uea submitting coursework late

There are University regulations on how coursework is submitted and processed at the university. Current works on Campus. Some of the ueaa covered include. Coursework assessment is a key part of your academic life.

UEA performs poorly on coursework return times – Concrete

This limit is in place to ensure that the system works efficiently and should be large enough for the majority of coursework assignments. Am I allowed to? The usual penalty is a deduction of 10 marks off the original mark. The submission deadline should read from the original date or the extension yea, whichever is latest.


There are two functions to coursework: Specific Learning Difficulty Support. The deadline for submission is For starters, there are simply too many of them.

UEA performs poorly on coursework return times

If a module assignment is set up for electronic submission, you should submit your work only electronically. Essay 1 Type of work: You then collect your printed out work for any feedback. How can I check this? International Students Advice and Support. Work is not logged until after the deadline, so please check again the day after the deadline.

Vision, your work is printed off and given to the markers in hard copy.