It should generally be unnecessary to quote at length from technical papers or textbooks. Once you have found a potential project and potential supervisor, you have to work out what the project will be about. Please note that all your source code, designs, CAD files, and the like must also be submitted. The sooner you let us know about the problem, the sooner we can help you. Do note that assessment will vary according to the nature of the individual topic.

Get in touch with your supervisor and discuss the issue, trying to see whether there is an easy way to side-step the problem. So while this is not very likely to hit you, you need to be protected in case it does. Is the school has ICT technical stuff? If 2 does not correct your problems, seek further help from your project coordinator as well as your supervisor. Copying from retrievable sources is highly discouraged.

It is a formal requirement that you regularly meet with your project supervisor at least once every two weeks during the project period. Activity Week number Year 3, Semester 2 1 Initial project seminar.

You should agree on a timetable with your supervisor at the start of each semester. There are some obvious questions to address.

udsm research proposal format

Both the soft and hard copies of the report must be submitted by the 4pm deadline. Unless you have obtained prior permission from your supervisor to submit a separate folio, all maps, photographs, graphs, etc should be embodied in the text.

Use this opportunity well as you may not get many chances to be rewarded for carrying out work that follows your personal reaearch, and to be fully involved from the original idea formxt the final product.


The failure of either TE or TE will have the same impact like any other course in a specific semester. Any loss of information due to failure of computing equipment is not the department’s responsibility, and will not be considered grounds for extending the project hand-in deadline.

Bring this log book with you to your meetings with your supervisor and let your supervisor see what you are doing.


There are ways and means of writing a good report and the following guidelines set out the broad structure as well as other considerations to be taken into account. Therefore, you should aim to give a professional presentation as if you were addressing a group of managers and engineers in industry.

You are advised to beginning thinking about a research area for your project towards the beginning of your third year, as the selection process is likely to be a gradual one. If you fail the project, for whatever reason, you will not get a degree. This approval will be shown by the signing of the certification page, which shows that the report has been given the go-ahead for assessment.

Help Center Find new research papers in: You shall be informed of the colour for your year of submission. As with code, voluminous examples of sample output are usually best left to appendices.

(PDF) Final year project instructions UDSM | Emmanuel Jonas –

It can be demanding but it can also be very rewarding. To request an extension, a recommendation supported by your supervisor must be made in writing before the original deadline, and must be for a specific length of extension.

Ideally sections are numbered within chapters 2. The medical note must be handed in to the department to be placed in your departmental file. Top, bottom and side margins should be not less than 20mm. Typically, you should expect to meet with your supervisor for about half an hour per week.


udsm research proposal format

Remember that your supervisor may have other things to do other projects to look after, research, teaching, adminand may not always be immediately available. Prroposal along results to discuss and questions to explore.

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Remember to explicitly describe the design work redearch was undertaken before code was written, hardware built or theories worked on. Your report must be typed.

The original aspect of your work rormat come from a variety of sources. Also agree on a schedule of activities, including regular meetings to discuss your progress. An example is given here: This section is particularly important in a final report where it should give a clear description of what is important in the work done, indicating clearly the personal contribution.

udsm research proposal format

Please note that though these ucsm mentioned are the minimum and maximum allowed, they are not fornat fixed requirement. Bear in mind the choice of a research topic while carrying out your reading and general study. While over the years, the cost of connectivity has reduced, it still remains high as compared to the other parts of the world. You should be prepared for meetings with your supervisor. No marks are explicitly awarded for difficulty.