Sometimes I find it and put it back, but this time I can’t find it. I never thought of looking into the buy books option, just the regular buy menu Edit: This allows you to set up a desk for each child and assign them that desk. It’s one of the two big bugs that I know of yet to be squashed. Did you reorganize your Downloads folder?

Hey, Homework ‘books’ are listed under the Children’s category when you click ‘purchase books’ – regardless of bookcase type. Although if you would prefer to just live with it you could try downloading new homework for them from simlogical. Their school report was starting to slide – off to do some extra credit homework now!! Inge has a table at Simlogical where all you have to do is click on the table and it will create homework for the child to do. I brought down a house from the gallery to replace my existing home and now my teens homework is missing. She is getting warnings all over the place about her performance so I’m pretty sure she’s gonna fail because she has a while before she grows up Don’t have an account?

Or does the Social Worker stop by? So I thought I’d sell it to see if on the next day of school he would come back with brand new notebook. Support the site when you purchase online!

ts4 cant find homework

I got homework in my inventory but have no teens I thought it might have to do with him being a teenager -you know lazy and rebellious- but after a while it was obvious that was not the problem. NekoSep 7, Careers and businesses for sims. Since teens come home earlier, they do their homework and finish before the child comes home, then the child can use the same desk.


Sims 4: How to Do Homework

We hobbits are plain, quiet creatures. I tested it with my adult Sim and she was able to purchase both levels of homework both from the computer and a regular bookcase.

Another great thing about Mog’s homework object is teens and kids can share a desk. I’ve checked her homeworl and its not there and I’ve also looked around the house. Only it could be a good thing If she put the homework down on a surface it would be lost. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Carl and Pam’s The Sims Forum.

Missing Homework

If someone happens to place another homfwork there, they will still place it on the floor near the desk. Just to confirm what’s been said here If a large family hasn’t enough room for all kids to have a desk, you can put Mog’s object on the floor or line them on a wall shelf.

I tried it on several i had homewirk the house; however, only the adult could order the homework from the computer, but no one could get it from the bookcases. I think I have your homework. Check to see if the wrong edge of the desks are against the walls – I know with a few of the EA desks if the side of the desk where the chair goes is against a wall they cannot put it away.


ts4 cant find homework

Don’t have an account? TanenaSep 9, Sims 2, Nightlife, Pets, Seasons. Yes, you can buy both school levels of homework from the bookcase. Someone mentioned a way to get replacement homework, maybe on the computer. This way the stragglers who don’t make it inside or to the designated area will place the homework on the floor or ground, then proceed to do it there.

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Missing Homework

There is an option on the Sim Manipulator that homeowrk ‘Delete’, check the options carefully and choose ‘Homework’ if you can’t find it. This might actually be useful for the problem you seem to be having. I remember in Homeqork nothing happened if they were failing. Do they go to Military School like in the previous game? I never thought of looking into the buy books option, just the regular buy menu Edit: School age Sims don’t always put their homework back in their inventories.

As good as Sims 3 yet?