You learn more skills. Exposure to a variety of skills and sports allows the student to build motor development. Nowadays, S and M have been pretty much relegated to secondary status, especially from a career perspective. These electives are meant to provide a time for the students to study a topic that may not be part of their core course of study, or allow them to study a particular topic of interest in more depth. Free Milo Like Liked by 1 person.

My father never really thought grades mattered all that much good thing because I am not a genius, prodigy, and my grades were NOT hot. What kind of argument is that? A major goal of the course is to prepare students for in-depth study of the sciences encountered in the upper school. We do this in support of status signalling, and the work world which often treats someone with a Princeton degree like they are Einstein. You secure a first date with Flavius the Third.

The course offers a basic study of cells, genetics, and the diversity of living organisms.

TJ fields teams in cross homeaorkvolleyballbasketballsoccercheerleading, tennisand track at the middle-school level. Hths, to those unaware, is also in the upper echelon of STEM high schools.

Thomas Jefferson – The Middle School Program

Then I realized stress like this would continue if I got into TJ. TJ has veered from its initial purpose.


Life is too short to waste trying to succeed on a road to nowhere. It sounds like an amazing school but I know how much stress it could have potentially put on me. Thank you for writing this article, because something needs to be changed.

It was an amazing environment and culture. TJ gives some kids an opportunity more than just growth, curiosity or even learning. People also love boasting about how their school was 1, too. They push and push and some succeed. Plump up that GPA!

2019 TJ Summer Reading Lists

I, at times, hated my parents. Furthermore, the goalposts have been slowly moving for a lot of TE jobs. Flash back to my freshman year. This is so true. As a class ofwe were not the number 1 school in the nation.

I Have A Problem With The Nation’s #1 High School – Between Me and You

Is it worth it? Routine is good for health — January 6, — shreyatakesuva.

tjhsst summer homework

Prep for BC calculus. But all together it was insane. I am a TJ graduate who has become a middle school teacher watching children navigate this prep course landscape.

Like TJ, we had to take a test to get in and prep for that test is widespread across the city. We can push the blame to our stupid college admissions system which demands mysterious levels of excess, with bonus diversity points, in order to be admitted.


We are not afraid to do what we love, and do it to the max. Getting couseling for kids who bully so they can get to the root cause of why they are behaving in this manner and hoping to show them another path. Trying to raise my kids differently.

tjhsst summer homework

We are ALL born with greatness. If 20, people apply to duke for spots, that means you have to outcompete 18, students. Suicides are at an all time high in Northern Virginia.

Being a high-intellectual human being is encouraged — being well-rounded is not. Life holds so much variety. Free Milo Like Liked by 1 person. The parents are a big issue as you guess, putting too much pressure on their kids. I attended a similarly high-ranked STEM high school and then a similarly high-ranked college, and while my parents were wonderful about my education and did not pressure me into anything, I know so many of my peers are not so lucky.