Twenty minutes are reserved for the oral presentation followed by 10 minutes discussion. Together with your supervisor you make appointments regarding the procedure for proof reading. Fraud and plagiarism, p. Usually 4 to 6 weeks are needed to write the final report or paper. Orientation Already start thinking about your Thesis Project early in your studies and begin gathering information as soon as possible!

The first is a presentation of your work for your committee, family, friends, fellow students. Usually 4 to 6 weeks are needed to write the final report or paper. The items assessed in the final grading are:. During this meeting it is decided whether you are ready to proceed to your thesis defence: Supervisors often have busy schedules, plan the meetings in advance!

Guidelines MSc Thesis

The items assessed in the final grading are: Talk with fellow students and lectures of your research group about topics and their possibilities. The Graduation Day The final step of your graduation process is the defence.

On the basis of the work done it is decided whether your goals, formulated in the project proposal, are still feasible. Twenty minutes are reserved for the oral presentation followed by 10 minutes discussion.

thesis verdediging tips

The thesis report has the following contents: Send your thesis proposal to your supervisor s prior to the meeting. Different phases in the MSc with activities and products.


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Reserve a date with your supervisor in time. In close co-operation with the supervisor the choice for a report or paper will be made. The number of hardcopies will be determined in cooperation with the supervisor.

These include themethod of assessment, an explanation of the criteria, and an example of an evaluation: After writing the proposal, the practical work starts field work, modelling, experiment. During this meeting the mark will be given. The nominal duration of a thesis project is approximate 30 weeks 42 Ects.

During this meeting, you present and discuss the research question, research methodology and planning that you came verdsdiging with.

This means that you are expected to complete your thesis in approximately 30 weeks or 38 week when you combine the Literature Study with your thesis. A PDF version of the final report or paper is also required. Green-light review In the final phase of your thesis project, you have a green-light review.


thesis verdediging tips

Your defence consists of two parts. The defence is only with the committee and yourself. Assessment is performed by the thesis exam committee, based on the execution of the thesis work, final report, public presentation, and closed defence session.

You will explore the background of a given research problem, critically review scientific literature, delineate your problem, formulate scientific questions and reflect on methodology. After having discussed the comments with your supervisor, you have at least one chance to improve your draft.


thesis verdediging tips

The standard rubric for the assessment will be applied by your supervisor click here for downloading. Below you can find a short description on the different steps during the thesis. After the mid-term meeting, you should have a clear idea of how to proceed in order to finish your thesis in time.

For Aerospace Engineering the knowledge areas in question are the following: The most important thing of a kick-off meeting is the formal approval of your thesis proposal from your supervisor. It is important to understand that plagiarism is considered as a very serious offence against academic norms and, hence subject to equally serious verdexiging.

Data will be collected and analyzed. Table 3 shows most elements that should be in a research proposal. Since you will receive your Master diploma immediately after your Thesis defence this meeting is important. Usually 4 to 6 weeks are needed to write the final report or paper. Length of proposal is 5 to 8 pages A4.