The brother speaks of how a great block of ice settled in his belly and stayed there all day slowly run and sending trickles of water up and down his spine. He wants to be a famous jazz pianist, but his brother looks down on this and calls it immature thinking. As we hear throughout the story Sonny struggles with a lot of things. Especially when his brother goes to jail, for possession of heroin. I think the quote directly relates to the theme of the story, suffering can yield good. People would see that in the brother most of the time sonny gets in trouble. After the dour relaxing vacation, the traveler comes home to find the bills pilled up average beneath the mail slot, and the lonely business man who has a few drinks after work to calm his nerves is arrested for whimsical under the influence.

Interpreting “Sonny’s Blues” Happy Writing! He wants to be a famous jazz pianist, but his brother looks down on this and calls it immature thinking. You can get something as big as the afore mentioned or just a little lesson such as putting family first. As we hear throughout the story Sonny struggles with a lot of things. When things happen to us we feel that it must be heard so people know we are actually going through.

The narrator never felt the need to use them, because he knew that in the long-run it would do nothing but hurt him. I believe they have to be heard to ultimately console us and make us feel better.

Such tradeoffs occur everyday in our guild from the top ranking executive in a major ip corporation, who compromises his morals daily in order to keep the emolument margin high, down to the most lowly crack corpus who poisons his familiar in order to have the basic necessities of living. Posted by Unknown at 6: In the end, their brotherhood and reuniting is the true triumph for both of them. Sonny uses blues to express his feelings and they bring him and his brother together again.


His growing addiction allows his troubles and anguish to go away for a moment but knows that when he comes down from his high, he must face his fears and eventually himself but also knows that he cannot face them alone.

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thesis statement for sonnys blues

Sonny used heroin as a bad high, an escape from his troubles such as not attending school and his disagreements with his brother. Also, it is important for us to know that no matter how bad something gets, we are not the first ones to experience this, and by knowing this we can turn our suffering into triumphs. Please be sure to follow the proper heading format as I demonstrate below.

Sonny’s Blues is a good theme to which all people should live by, don’t every give up yourself. Everyone suffers and this is just one story of how and why suffering happens.

James Baldwin’s Sonny’s Blues Essay

The opening quote states that these statemsnt of triumph and suffering always must be heard. He starts with his brothers addiction and then moves to the better feeling part of the story.

Their stories are important, just like all the ones that come before them. In “Sonny’s Bules” we see many people suffering, from Sunny to the narrator, to their mother and even to the father who is deceased. We do it to show others that they are not alone, that as human beings we all face grief, sorrow, happiness, and every other human emotion at some point in our lives.

“One Writer’s Beginnings”: Writing the Essay: Interpreting “Sonny’s Blues”

They both open up in different ways but they soon find themselves directly connected statemen each other through their bond of suffering. The theme of the story that jumps out to me is simply live the life that you want to live to make yourself happy. Sometimes they are so overwhelming that he looks to drugs as a way to get that little high. I introduce them with a phrase or weave them into a complete sentence.


Thesis statement for Sonny’s Blues?

Clearly throughout this novel suffering is portrayed in every character. The two tie together in such a way that one helps get rid of the other, which enables him to be more positive and, in a sense, free. In that last scene the two brothers find something out about each other that, while maybe not totally fixing their relationship, but making it better. The struggle of reality is very harsh and in this story sonny and the brother deals with there struggle very well.

Thesis Statement Examples: Sonny’s Blues

Many institutions limit access to their online information. We had to hear this statejent in order to understand fully the evils that Sonny has dealt with along with his strong turnaround. Sonny becomes an addict and goes through some tough time but he reconciles with his brother and uses jazz to escape and overcome his addiction.

thesis statement for sonnys blues

Is it possible to write sentences without using the letter “a”? Posted by Unknown at 6: He knows that Sonny is a cause of some of his suffering so he exiles him from his life.

Finally the last example of telling others about them is cleverly portrait in the story itself. Everybody can sonny something out of this story. How to make this thesis statement better: And now they back with there mother and have a pretty good relation ship with each other. I think the quote directly relates to the theme of the story, suffering can yield good.