For instance, when her father is released from the hospital, Baby was under the impression that her father will come for her immediately; however, she is disappointed when he fails to come for her. Because of this, I found that the women became weak and only resorted to the idea of prostitution, even at a young age. However, this is a skill I have improved on because in my writing I can now easily realize when I am writing in first-person and when I am writing in third-person. Her early childhood was characterized by neglect as a result her behavior inevitably changes for the worst. She begins to do drugs, disobey her father, and when she meets a local pimp named Alphonse she claims that she wants to be taken advantage of by him

I feel sympathy for the author if she had a rough childhood. Luckily, I figured it out and now I think concept maps are such great tools to use! At the beginning of the novel, Baby is like any other typical twelve year old girl – she plays with dolls, has many friends, and receives good grades. As she begins to become more and more close to Xavier and his childish characteristics, she starts to act more and more like the child she used to be. From a feminist perspective, the novel negatively portrays women by portraying them as lustful, naive, and possessing little self-respect for their bodies.

Quincy demonstrated a lustful woman with little respect for her body when she told Baby: I know because I was walking around over there and I got bored to death. Or… Will her life mirror that of her father, Jules? Men have advantages to tell women what to do once they have paid them, but women in this novel are able to tempt men into giving them attention.

Most blog posts tend not to go past criminlas word mark; however, as you can see, I clearly struggle with surpassing this mark. As mentioned in my previous blog post, one of the dominant problems that constantly were present to the reader was the fact that women were valued as sex objects.


Get custom essay sample written according to your requirements Urgent 3h delivery guaranteed Order Now. Women who are victims of any sexual harassment, assault, etc. Alphonse really likes Baby and is obsessed with her and everything she does.

This shows that Baby fog a very desperate woman who thinks she is in love with a man because he compliments her looks.

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There, lying on the floor, was my rag doll, its arms and legs ripped off. During my very short, but busy time in the Grade 12 University level English course, I have come to realize that I have developed many skills as a writer and media text creator.

Is she truly blinded by her emotions towards Alphonse? By adopting the life skills and choices of her father, Jules has trapped Baby within a life of bad choices. Likewise, Jules is unable to understand that by letting Baby grow up in this kind of environment, it is inevitable that she will adopt these actions and behaviors as the norm and mimic them in the future.

The certainty in her statement also foreshadows the events that occur in her own life if she followed in his footsteps.

thesis statement for lullabies for little criminals

By O’Neill using the evolution of Baby’s character from a carefree, innocent girl, to a fragile, vulnerable teenager, it is clear that her view on childhood is that one doesn’t realize how precious this time can be until it has been taken away. July 22, 1 Comment. I think it might be something else…. Essentially, looking at Lullabies for Little Criminals from a feminist perspective allowed myself to gain the most insight into the text, as many issues that were presented in the text unfortunately continue to be accurate to our own society.

I wish everyone good luck with their assignments! Jules never thought to buy me pretty things like that.

Lullabies for Little Criminals

Undoubtedly, I can infer that there are still children, even in Canada, that are experiencing their childhood like Baby is. Looking at Lullabies for Little Criminals through a feminist perspective also allowed me to see that female characters struggled with insecurity about their appearance, as well as their relationships with men. Is that really how her father looks at women and his own child? Baby demonstrates how woman can be easily manipulated into making the wrong decisions, ilttle only shows how important it is to have parents as good role models.


“Lullabies for Little Criminals” ISU novel study: Lullabies for Little Criminals

While crimnials this novel, there were many issues brought up that undoubtedly pertained to fod role of women, which could also easily connect to women in modern-day society.

Alphonse was able to make Baby fall in love with him, and then he forced her into prostitution so he could make money. Baby and Alphonse became extremely close, however, it was not for the right purposes as Alphonse would use Baby for sex and force her to have sex with other men in order to make money and buy drugs for him.

Baby, the 12 year-old female protagonist, revealed many issues in society around her dealing with the role of women.

Lullabies for Little Criminals. I like concept maps because you begin with a large most common ideas, which can then be broken down into smaller less common ideas. I chose to do a google slides presentation and I did a book report on the novel I studied.

I was able to create images of the many apartments Baby and her father have lived in throughout their life.

thesis statement for lullabies for little criminals

At one point in time, Baby becomes uninterested in Alphonse so he writes her a threatening letter, which scared Baby and causes her to apologize and fall in love crimials him again. Alphonse is playing the archetypal role of a trickster by getting Baby to fall in love with him so he can manipulate her. Retrieved 06,from https: