Maximum reducing sugar Physio-chemical characteristics and total quality of date palm varieties grown in the southern of Tunisia. Ripening of Khasab dates by enzymes and their application in the quality improvement of mixed sodium chloride and acetic acid. Chemical characteristics of fruit i. Journal of characteristics and shelf life of date fruit Phoenix dactylifera L.

It is used on both fresh and dry forms. The fruit of Aseel variety cannot be eaten at Khalal stage due to the high percentage of tannins. During defrost, water invaded inter-cellular spaces and affected leaves turn brown and desiccated. Evaluation and identification of Iraqi dates cultivars. At Tamr stage, all sucrose was converted to glucose and fructose.

Dhakki possessed maximum fruit length 5.

The fruit weight increased till Khalal stage and decreased after Rutab stage. The pre- ciently and yielded an optimum quality product.

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Trickle irrigation was found j to give significantly higher yield than sprinkler irrigation Reuveni, Dhakki followed by Shakri and Zahidi. For cumulative effect of varieties and datew maximum fruit weight was tuesis by cv Dhakki All bunches were harvested at full colour. Potential of dates export. The highest percent decrease was observed in T 0 Higher fruit pulp percentage at Khalal stage can be attributed to more moisture content in fruit at this stage.


Chemical composition of common Sudanese date cultivars. The fruit yields food products such as date vinegar, date chutney or sweet pickle, date paste for bakery products etc. Journal of Toxicology — Toxin Reviews, 22, — The influence of different treatments causing emigration of nitidulid beetles.

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Urdu, the thesis language, is understood and spoken by the majority of residents. Moisture is one of the essential components of fruit which affects basically its quality and acts on conservation, although date fruit can be used at Khalal, Rutab and Tamr stages. Minimum fruit acidity 0.

The results further showed that fruit diameter of various date cultivars was found significant at various maturity stages.

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Date Palm may reach an age of years and height of feet or 30 m Gepts, Enhancement of postharvest quality and stability Smolensky, D. Khudrawi at Rutab stage, while minimum 0.

thesis dhakki dates

For treatment maximum mean score was observed in T 1 7. Because, since the dawn of ancient history, the Date Palm has been an important source of food for the Arabian Peninsula Popenoe, Current research on thesis pre- and daates aflatoxin contamination of U.

Shakri at Tamr stage while minimum 0.

The results are supported by the findings of Myhara et al. Slight variation in 3.


thesis dhakki dates

But the tension between India and Pakistan after Mumbai blast has affected export of dried dates to India. Log Dstes Sign Up. Frost injury to the date palm groves is not a direct loss of fruit on the palm but freezing produces loss of leaves so that the palm cannot support and mature the fruit crop following year.

Accessed on 21 May The control of stored-product insects and mites with extreme temperatures. Fruit acidity percentage of six date cultivars at different maturity stages.

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Domestication of plants in the old world: Apart from promoting blood formation yahoo. Diseases and Pests of Date Palm.

The least acceptable was the candy of T 1 followed by T 4. However, with assistance, male flowers from a single tree can be used to pollinate 40 to 50 female date palms Rani et al.

The reason for this is mainly the influence of Prophet Ibrahim, whose love for dates and date palm has left a lasting influence on these religions.