Maybe water should be free because I need it. This article has 0 comments. It is our right as women to chose to be hygienic, and should not be taxed. Ten pregnant women in Dallas County tested positive for Zika. They’ll be stuck with trying to find a seat in public not covered in the nasty mess. Women are forced to pay thousands of dollars for something completely out of their control and on top of that, the luxury tax proves that sexism still exists in our country.

Now, when I think of luxury, I think of an expensive perfume, or a vacation, or a Lily Pulitzer dress; basically, I think of something that I choose to buy, or choose to have. These links will automatically appear in your email. That is an average of 37 years of menstruating once a month, including two full-term pregnancies where we “get a break. Condoms are free and feminine hygiene products are not. However, it may not be a very significant amount of money per purchase, but it does add up. The government sees tampons as a luxury.

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Lisa De Bode from Al Jazeera America says that often, homeless women use their own toilet paper, but their toilet paper are obtained from pipe alleys or dirty backrooms. Feminine hygiene products are expensive to get. Most states still include tampons as a taxable luxury item.

After all, the result persasive the same in both scenarios, women are penalized for being women.


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Carrie at the prom. We recommend using Google Chrome. But men are bigger than women, on average and need to eat more.

The sexism and classism within the tampon tax proves that there is esssay wrong with it. However, it could also be argued that nobody chooses to be born therefore everything should be provided for us; food, clothing, shelter, education – the works.

Hopefully more people will become aware of this tax and we can do away with it across the nation and globe? Some may argue that the tampon tax outrage is blown out of proportion because the tax does not significantly affect anyone financially.

Summer Program Reviews College Reviews. The money adds up and the luxury tax contributes to this. They also cannot control their periods and have no choice in the matter, due to it tampom a biological function and sometimes very inconvenient. Rax Flo is visiting. And what are the implications of this stigma of disgust?

Periods are a real issue that people seem to hate to acknowledge, and people have a tendency to shy away from the word. I think it is absolutely ridiculous women have to pay a fine for the basic necessities like feminine products. My examples and arguments will not persuadive be limited to the U.

It is our right peruasive women to chose to be hygienic, and should not be taxed. Email me when someone replies.

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Of this uneasiness to discuss periods? If they’re not made free at least, they should be less expensive. White people need to use more sunscreen than black people. Why do I feel awkward buying tampons from the Huddle?


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Surfing the crimson wave. It should be no question as to whether or not tampons fit into this category.

This is also known as the sloughing of the uterine lining. Do you think a cure to cancer is in the near future? Should women be able to get feminine hygiene products for free? However, in third world countries where not even food or water is funded, it would make minimal esaay to fund feminine hygiene products.

tampon tax persuasive essay

Although the tampon tax may not seem like a life or death situation, the struggle to afford feminine care is just that. The tampon tax also raises the issue of classism.

tampon tax persuasive essay

Taxes are on menstrual products because the government s say that female products are not necessities and therefore, are taxed. Chapstick, newspapers, and even donuts are not taxed because they are “necessities.

For low income females; absolutely.