There were battles and all different acts to deal with first. She had managed to warn the entire militia in one night. At the age of 78, she had passed away on February 26 th , Her hometown, that was renamed Ludingtonville in honor of what she did for her father and everyone else in the colonies. Four years later, she bought a tavern and helped her son become a lawyer.

Finally, Sybil was given permission to gather the men. There Abigail gave birth to eleven more children. In , a new law was ordered that the colonists had to buy a stamp and place it on any printed paper they had bought. Several brave people helped the New World in winning the Revolutionary War. They then threw the chests of tea overboard that the Britain had taxed. American National Biography Online.

She risked her life doing a tremendous deed for the colonists! She used a stick to prod her horse and knock on doors. Being 16 and volunteering to ride to warn every one of the British coming to attack seems VERY heroic to me! With the reins in one hand and a big stick in the other, Sybil galloped into the darkness of the night. The king had ordered another new law.

In5 colonists lost their life in the Boston streets. Tea parties were a big situation in this war because we were not happy when the Mother Country told us that they were taxing our tea. The townspeople spread the word of Sybil Ludington riding over twice the distance of Paul Revere. Bunker Hill, June 16 th, 1, minute-men were stationed on the hill, waiting for the British to attack.


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This was known as the Stamp Act. By the time she returned home, hundreds of soldiers were gathering to fight the British.

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She not only did that, but made people realize how much women were needed in the ,udington. Overall, the colonists wanted freedom from the king and his control over the people. The soldiers could come into any house at any time. When she was 23, she had gotten married and settled down from her previous encounter with the war.

A good example is the Tea Act. During the time of the Revolutionary War were very harsh. It states in ludingtoh. How to Cite this page.

Accessed January 20, Before the Revolutionary War started, the colonists were becoming very angry with England, and had a very good explanation for being mad. She had rode the horse, and succeeded in telling the militia.

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The results of the Revolutionary War were very favorable for the Colonists. Sybil Ludington, a few days after her 16 th birthday, was galloping through the forest as fast as the wind, trying to tell the militia about the British before they had gotten to them first.

She did one of the most important missions of the whole war. Sybil was the oldest of 12 children.

sybil ludington essay

The impact Sybil made was caused by ridding 40 miles horse back in the middle of the night on April 26, lueington, and getting the militia men for her father. Messengers were dispatched in all directions to announce the British arrival and news of the fires. Poet, dancer, singer, activist, and scholar, Maya Angelou is a world-famous author.


sybil ludington essay

For security reasons, the Continental Army had recently transferred its supplies from Peekskill to Danbury, where they were thought to be safe, and were consequently poorly guarded. Who knew that she would ride a horse through the dark of the night like Paul Esasy at the age of 16?

Sybil Ludington

At the age of sixteen, the Revolutionary War had been started. The reason the colonies were taxed is because they imported everything from New England.

Sybil was given the job of calling the farmers to fight. The most important accomplishment she had was playing a big part of making the New World a free country.

Everything that the colonies wanted to import from Britain had a tax on it! Sybil Ludington was a very important woman in the Revolutionary War because of the impacts she made and the accomplishments in ludingtom she was successful.