At the same time, the sociology of literature was challenged by the promoters of literary theories. Born in Romania in , Lucien Goldmann was a member of Communist youth organizations before being permanently expelled. So you know, there it was. The diffusion and reception of culture was presented as the main research focus of the group of researchers and of the seminars held in the following years. Theory and society , 36 1:

The Field of Cultural Production: Chicago, Chicago University Press. Born in Romania in , Lucien Goldmann was a member of Communist youth organizations before being permanently expelled. Walter Pater, Victorian Fashionista? The uses of the concept of culture in sociology were discussed, based in particular on the writings of Raymond Williams. In the s, the sociology of literature detached itself from historical approaches especially those of Gustave Lanson and Lucien Febvre in several ways.

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Beyond the Great Divide: He studied philosophy and then sociology in Paris. It was paradoxical to the extent that it legitimized and promoted new approaches and a specialization in literary subjects that did not only rely on specialists of literature.

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The rise of structuralism was a fairly minor development for sociology, whereas it allowed other disciplines such as linguistics to renew and structure themselves using new epistemological bases. Leenhardt was elected DE inroughly twenty years after becoming a lecturer, which did not help further his career. It included two of the three specialists of literature at the school University of Pennsylvania Press,p. First, its collective initiative was a success, drawing on a relative paradigmatic consistency and on a range of fairly close theoretical, methodological, and discipline frameworks, at odds with the individual legacy characterizing the Goldmannian sociology of literature.


The EPRASS was presented as a course that was unavailable at humanities faculties 9in disciplines that were seldom or not at all taught at- universities such as social anthropology, sociology, and linguistics. A Sociological Pathway into Literature and Philosophy 1.

The initial absence of discipline labels did not mean that disciplinary references were not used at the institution in research centres, seminars, and by professors and administrative staffif only because of the key role disciplines played in the careers of lecturer-researchers enseignants-chercheurs.

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Les hommes de lettres contre la sociologie. Barthes gradually moved away from this critical dialogue with social science to focus on more specifically literary endeavours. Among other changes …. The members of SSL were the driving force behind an attempt to bring about a renewal of literary studies around structuralism and the critique of literary teaching in secondary and higher education. Yale French Studies Distinction examined reading as a cultural practice.

Genesis and Structure of the Literary Field.

Yet it did not entirely escape the disciplinary rationales at elttres in the division of intellectual labour. Science of Science and Reflexivity. With the publication of Writing Degree Zero [] and his activity as a literary and theatre critic, Barthes became a figure of the intellectual and literary field, and the success of his Mythologies [] exposed his work to a wide audience.

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Before it gained international exposure, the sociological approach to literature developed by Bourdieu, but also beyond his circle, was primarily implemented, complemented, and discussed by former students, colleagues, and members of these working groups.

Roland Barthes grew up in the South of France and moved to Paris for his studies.


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Pater the ClassicistOxford University Press, pp. The diffusion and reception of culture was presented as the main research focus of the group of researchers and of the seminars held in the following years.

He was not involved in the Second World War, and was subsequently introduced into Parisian literary life by Maurice Nadeau. In his teaching, Goldmann combined the examination of philosophical and theoretical questions and practical sociology of literature research Table 5. Les mots et les songes. Classes in the “Sociology and Ethnology” then “Sociology, Ethnology and Social Psychology” clusters and their lead professors, lehtres to Note: Poet, Critic, VagabondLegenda, pp. La Nouvelle Critique Lastly, the transformations of the institution and of the academic field also make sense with regard to the broader intellectual field, in which the rise of structuralism went hand in hand with specific academic trends.

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Over the same period, a Bourdieu-inspired strand of the sociology of literature developed within sociology, increasingly pursuing a dialogue with literary studies.

The disappearance of courses without a specified affiliation to a discipline in the mids was one of the dissedtation of a double trend towards disciplinarization and the reconsideration of disciplinary boundaries and dujet rising importance attributed to pedagogical matters.

Textes et Contexteshttp: The introduction of a doctorate in literature in increased its draw.