You will graduate with the theoretical and practical skills required to provisionally register with the General Medical Council GMC and begin your Foundation training. It is relaxed and friendly. This is vital to all medicine applications and seems obvious, however in my class many people got turned down who had not quite made the requirements of CCC. If you meet all the criteria, they will review your PS and rate it on the non-academic entry requirements. Captain of a team, member of a team, any teaching etc that you want to get in is great but remember most people play a sport and most people have done DofE. Hey your results arn’t bad at all!

Learnt the value of teamwork in a care environment. If so, and you have sent it back, they will be going through your appliction over the next couple of weeks and will short-list people. This is then taken into consideration with the rest of your application before an offer is made. In fact the rest of the week seems set on going this way too! An upper second-class honours degree in any subject, in your first degree. Anything about gap years or future experiences can go here too. Stethoscopes are available to buy during Faculty induction.

I hope we both get an interview as-well. Skills for communicating with patients. The uni send out invites via email.



What is the group interview? Its a sticky situation.

One order of thicker skin coming up! Students must meet specific eligibility criteria relating to their socio-economic background, but students are not expected to have healthcare-related work experience. But you may have it before. A level grades BBC including chemistry and biology or equivalent qualifications.

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More detailed information can be found in the programme handbook or other appropriate guide or website. Experience; Detail any relevant work experience and the skills you have acquired.

You can be asked a southamptoon of questions depending on what you have written. They decide who is getting one and everyone in that lucky list will get one eventually. Learn how your comment data is processed. Follow us on Twitter RussellGroup. You may southamton be interested in. Naish J, Medical Sciences.

University of Southampton BM6 Programme

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. It should be noted that it is very likely that UK graduates will still need to apply for a training programme similar to the current Foundation Programme and that places on this programme may stxtement be guaranteed for every UK graduate. Details about printing costs for academic posters can be found here: Already overheard one current BM5 telling a prospective student and her parents that BM6 was for special people.


Why was it important and why made it good? The relatively small cohort size enables frequent opportunities for small group work and regular support and feedback on progress. To strengthen your university application, consider the following advice about writing your personal statement.

No 2 interviews are the same.

southampton bm6 personal statement

Each placement, each experience should be related back to how it makes you a better medical student. How do they choose? It makes reflection so much easier. It was all worth it in the end. Write about what you have learnt.

The selection day will consists of a written component, group statemnet and individual interview. Clinical Placements From the very start of your course, we relate your learning to future practice.

southampton bm6 personal statement

Number of places set. Orienteering is not a key skill here. The placements will also facilitate development of your skills of observation, recording and communication. Now you’ve got me worried! Also covered is cell division, the cell cycle, growth and the stages of human development.

southampton bm6 personal statement