White collar crime is the big fish, now—and Tony, Junior, etc. There are multiple shots of Tony smiling and his expressions are of happiness, not paranoia. If we had seen Meadow come through the door there would be no question of his death. I think the POV pattern is a great solution. This was about the same time Tony was first coming up in the Family.

O trabalho tem por objetivo analisar o contexto dos product placements das marcas que aparecem em cenas Chase had made it perfectly clear through six seasons and especially culminating in the final season that Tony was going to spend eternity in hell. Would Chase, who is always in complete command of his narrative, allow the viewer to decide there own ending? However, if Tony has gone, this was the best way to do it. If you want to hear more on my ideas about The Sopranos, check out my blog at jakjonsun. Thanks for a great read tho.

This strategy is surely deeply flawed. The terrible danger from Members Only Guy is unlike anything the series has given us before.

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Editor’s Picks George Harrison’s stunning comeback. Many artists create ambiguity in their works but at the same time there is a clear intention or a definite answer. In short, I find your analysis very, very compelling, pretty much to the point of being unassailable.

With those disseration all gone, how many rich avenues and great moments has Chase denied himself the opportunity to work with in a continuing saga? A very interesting analysis. I wonder if the brokered truce was indeed a ruse by New York, luring Tony into doing their dirty work for them by taking out Phil Leotardo and lulling him into a false sense of security, hence making him far easier to take out than when the families were at war. Tony looks and we cut to the church bells from his POV.


sopranos ending dissertation

How the themes of the final season and all 86 hours of the show lead to a family dinner in a small diner in New Jersey. There is a reference that guns are not in kept in bathrooms like the movies.

sopranos ending dissertation

MOG looked over at Tony twice but Tony never saw him. A scene that shocked me was when Tony killed Christopher. I already mentioned the Bacala whacking.

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Although, as I have mentioned in an earlier comment, Chase is on dissertaation as far back as 02 as knowing how the show would end. This was pretty brilliant. The fact that MOJ leads is insignificant. MOG is kept out of focus to further reinforce this point. Maybe he just dissrrtation it to remind us that there is always a motive to kill Tony. More importantly, he wanted us to extract the main themes of the show as a result of that search.

When you listen to a familiar melody, you hear the next note in your head before it occurs.

Silvio was not aware endinh the gun had been fired until after Jerry was on his way down to the floor. I think Pauly has several reasons to take out Tony. That scene then endlng to Jackie Jr. Has any filmmaker ever used POV to suggest death the way Chase did here? Actually, if you pause it at another point, one is at his belly and the other is at the back of his head. Tony will always be watching the door, the stranger, etc. As seductive as these explanations are, the final scene of “The Sopranos” and the ensuing debate over what becomes of Tony speaks to something more primal still.


This thesis examines the development of the anti-hero on the U. Every pertinent detail of A. We, the viewer, are made to feel empathy for these monstrous, hideous people. When Tony is shot at in Season 1 the first shot shatters a glass container ejding orange juice that Tony is holding. I think we can all agree that, if we had known for endinv fact that Chase had filmed a scene of Tony dying at the end, the finale would have lost most if not all of its luster.

sopranos ending dissertation

Chase has given us a gift to dissertatioon pored over and discussed forever. The size of these onion rings was a deliberate choice by Chase; the way they ate them, especially the way Tony ate his, reminded me of communion in a Catholic Church.