New Zealand developing carbon footprinting guidelines We hope that the visit in Poland for some participants— for forestry industry , Hungary the combined environ- as we have heard—for the first time was pleasant and ment—cost analysis of an innovative solar spot system , and fruitful and all enjoyed the Polish traditions, cuisine, and Poland LCA of energy technologies in Polish energy warm, friendly vibes, despite the cold winter weather sector—clean coal technologies. Presentations highlighted the role of the also within a company to communicate environmental issues UNEP initiatives: Log In Sign Up. Life Cycle Assessment for decision support. The main attention was paid on the environ- ing simplified schemes shows high quality and gives mental analyses of conventional plastics from sugarcane confidence in labeling.

Register for the symposium by 9 August and save with early bird rates! Now Poznan is the home devoted to the use of LCA at macrolevel: Opportunities Abound in the Land of the Midnight Sun. Each day of the symposium also featured a keynote speech, which were given by Hubert Hasenauer, BOKU University, on the efficient use of forest resources to shape our future; Mark Huijbregts, Radboud University Nijmegem, on new developments in life cycle assessments; and Serenella Sala, Joint Research Centre, on bioeconomy contributions to circular economy. Vienna is a very popular destination, so make your hotel reservation soon to ensure a reasonable room rate. To provide you with the best user experience, we use cookies to ensure the functionality of the website and to analyze user behavior to optimize the information we provide. Presentations will be available until 27 March

But specific resources and waste, with reference to the actions related to is the cultural and scientific role of the city in Poland.

Poznan University of Polish copper mining producer and a Hungarian case study Technology, founded inbelongs to the best technical of oil industry products. This underlines the fact that chemical pollution and its effects are indeed global, while new approaches for the management and counteractions have to be tailored for the specific environments in question. Session 3—LCA in agriculture sector and food production—revealed detailed studies about LCA of different food products beverages, daily food, fish and technologies cooling systems and led to many very interesting conclusions, e.


23° SETAC Europe LCA Case Study Symposium

We want to give our symposimu thanks to all of SETAC staff who supported us so patiently throughout the last year as well as our sponsors, whose support was instrumental for the success of the event. With a student covering, for instance, ecodesign approaches in conjunction population of , over 20 institutions of higher with LCA, ecolabeling, and sectoral approaches.

Support us through Amazon Smile. Posters will be produced, reviewed and presented electronically; symposium participants sympoxium view posters in advance of the symposium and choose by prioritised web-reservation which posting presenters they wish to interact with during the posting sessions that takes place each day during the lunch break.

The attendance of the PhD Corner was much higher than expected for a new event.

setac europe lca case study symposium

Therefore, the symposium focused on resources and the role LCA can play in shaping the future. Access restricted to registered attendees and members! Reducing and regulating the use of chemicals in the environment, Remediating soil, air and water pollution, Proposing the use of more sustainable chemicals.

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Click here to sign up. Ohio Valley Chapter Meets in Louisville. Have a look at the track descriptions before submitting your session proposal:. Abstract Submission Deadline Session sympoium, affecting the simplified approaches—ecodesign approaches in conjunction with LCA—included mainly the sustainability technology assessment of forest management case studies concerning lightweight boards strong influence and harvesting, comparing different technological solutions, of the cover layergreen roofs impacts mainly due to also taking into consideration specific local context.


The sessions covered renewable and non-renewable resources, energy, product and sector footprinting, infrastructure, as well as software, tools, databases and the theme of circularity and circular economy.

setac europe lca case study symposium

By applying scientific methods to real-life problems—i. Help Center Find new research papers in: Click here to view them. Presentations will be available until 27 March If you would like to get in touch with us, please feel free to send us a message. LCA was also presented as a valuable tool for assessment of technological solutions for obtaining products energy, water from waste materials.

There will be no parallel sessions. Life Cycle Assessment of the Brazilian diesel consumption: Ecotoxicology becomes stress ecology: The symposium brings together experts to share and discuss case studies and the application of LCA linked to primary and secondary resources.

SETAC LCA – 23rd SETAC Europe LCA Case Studies Symposium

Junior Research Associate University of Coimbra. The aim was to help students expand their network as well as giving students the opportunity to talk about their work and challenges with their peers. For reasons of confidentiality, not all presentations are publicly available.

setac europe lca case study symposium

Thank you very much in advance. Resources are one of the key challenges for society as a whole, and these challenges not only apply to swtac full life cycle but also to resource availability and sourcing, through the use to the end of life of products.

Environmental policy, risk management, and science communication. The first main area was largely Renaissance Town Hall Fig.