These excipients play the role of cosurfactant in microemulsion system [ 3 , 30 ]. By accessing the work you hereby accept the Terms. This phase diagram helps in the determination of dilutability of formulation and in getting information about the different compositions that form monophasic clear solutions [ 13 ]. Then, aqueous phase penetrates through interface and gets solubilized within the oil phase up to the solubilization limit. Optimal drug incorporation can be achieved if good compatibility exists between the added drug and the system with respect to physical and chemical properties.

Depending on the final volume, the formulation should be stored in capsules of suitable size [ 39 ]. Self-dispersing lipid formulations for improving oral absorption of lipophilic drugs. The lipids with high unsaturation have the tendency to get oxidized and the resultant peroxide may lead to detrimental effect on drug release due to the delay in capsule disintegration. Experimental and computational approaches to estimate solubility and permeability in drug discovery and development settings. This problem is more pronounced in case of SMEDDS where the droplet size is much smaller than other self-emulsifying formulations.

Dynamic light scattering techniques employing Zetasizer can also be used for droplet size analysis [ 52 ]. The micgoemulsifying particle diameter analysis data were evaluated using the volume-weighting pattern.

Upon mild agitation of SMEDDS, water penetration occurs rapidly and leads to the disruption of interface and droplets will be formed [ 3 ]. Ternary phase diagram is used to study the phase behavior of three components. The free energy of the emulsion can be described by the following equation: Samples should be diluted suitably before analyzing for size evaluation [ 383949 ]. Instead, modified or hydrolyzed oils of vegetable origin are beneficial due to their superior emulsification properties and compatibility with oral administration as their end products of degradation bear a resemblance to the end products produced by digestion process in the intestine [ 22 ].

Spectroscopic techniques like photon correlation spectroscopy and microscopic techniques are used for droplet size analysis [ 330 ].

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These are mainly useful for the selection of the most suitable excipients that can be used in the preparation of SMEDDS and helps in the prediction of drug precipitation in vivo [ 33 ]. For construction of pseudoternary phase diagram, mixtures containing different compositions of microemulsion components should be evaluated for emulsification efficiency [ 44 ].


self microemulsifying drug delivery system thesis

This problem can be addressed by various means like including antioxidants in the formulation, by controlling the utilization of highly unsaturated lipids and by employing sealed hard gelatin capsules that possess impermeability to oxygen [ 29 ].

Particle size reduction may not be useful srug case of all drug components because of disadvantages associated with fine powders like poor wettability and low stability [ 3 ]. Faster and enhanced deug release can be attained with smaller droplets which in turn promotes bioavailability.

self microemulsifying drug delivery system thesis

The efflux of paclitaxel from the GIT was found to be sekf with formulation prepared using surfactant named polysorbate 80 [ 17 ]. Stability studies are performed as per the ICH guidelines on the formulation which is filled in gelatin capsules.

At regular intervals the samples should be collected and tested for appearance, color, drug content, pH of diluted formulation, and dissolution profile.

Various components that are used to formulate these dosage forms like surfactants and lipids contribute to the overall improvement in oral bioavailability via promoting the lymphatic transport; thereby hepatic first pass metabolism can be surmounted. Depending on the final volume, the formulation should be stored in capsules of suitable size [ 39 ].

Fatty acids liberated from the lipid digestion process interact with the bile salts and result in the formation of mixed micelles and micelles in which the drug gets solubilized. SMEDDS can improve oral bioavailability by enhancing permeation across the intestinal membrane, solubilization, a reduced or eliminated effect of food, droplet size reduction, lymphatic transport, and improvement of drug dissolution.

What determines drug solubility in lipid vehicles: Inhibition of lipid digestion may also occur as the surfactant has the tendency to interact with other components like bile salts and phospholipids. The solubility studies clearly indicated that solubility of OCH 3 -PPD in the tested oils, in decreasing order, was as follows: Although edible oils based on natural origin are favored, they are not useful as they do not have sufficient capacity to solubilize large amount of lipophilic drug and self-emulsification is also problematic with them as they possess a large molecular volume [ 21 ].


Rationalizing the selection of oral lipid based drug delivery systems by an in vitro dynamic lipolysis model for improved oral bioavailability of poorly water soluble drugs.

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Due to their high polarity, they tend to migrate towards aqueous phase upon dispersion into aqueous media leading to drug precipitation. These studies are performed by the combination of bright field imaging at increasing magnification and diffraction modes [ 60 ].

In order to provide our website visitors and registered users with a service tailored to their individual preferences we use cookies to analyse visitor traffic and personalise content. The preparation involves the addition of drug to the mixture of oil, surfactant, and cosurfactant and then it should be subjected to vortexing [ 49 ]. Solid self-emulsifying nitrendipine pellets: The formulations can be considered delivey stable when drug precipitation is not evident.

Polarity is mainly dependent on the HLB of surfactant, molecular weight of hydrophilic part of microemulifying surfactant, and its concentration along with the degree of unsaturation of fatty acid of lipid phase [ 318 ].

Then, the samples should be subjected to centrifugation followed by filtration through 0. The authors declare that there is no conflict of interests regarding the publication of this paper. Ternary diagrams of the surfactant, cosurfactant, and oil were plotted, each representing an apex of the triangle.

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