The first essential of good writing is the having of some- thing to say, a condition often unfulfilled in the case of the miscellaneous author. It shows what tricks of disproportion Httle things will play with the mind when it is not under reasonable control. It is a shame, I have said, to have lived in it so long and never to have seen it. None of these things is in the least true. He used to hurry to the library and take up a book, in order that the tourists might nudge each other and say in whispers, ” There is the Lord Chancellor. It tells us how on his way to the fair he was attracted by various things such as toys, sweetmeat, balloons and birds, butterflies and flowers.

There are worse librettos — librettos which have some clear unmusical meaning of their own beyond which the audience cannot penetrate to the meaning of the music, if it has anv. I call the later James novel a simplification. He tosses his theme ballwise in the air, and while its spirals spin and bathe in the blue he weaves a web of gold and lace, and it is marvellouslv spun. A pheasant ejaculated shrilly: The variety of subject is equalled by the variety of mode: Massingham, another devoted bird-lover, and writer on wild life.

Further- more, James is a masterly psychologist and a tale- teller.

They were warned off and told that they must use a path to the beach which took them over half a mile from the village. They mark an honest retreat into immediate experience and animal faith.

seaside essay robert lynd

It stood there; it could neither look at me nor drop saliva, but somehow it contrived to say: It tells us how on his way to the fair he was attracted by various things such as toys, sweetmeat, balloons and birds, butterflies and flowers. Old blind men and women groped by mouldering damp walls; miserable taverns, ill-furnished and lit with smoky lanterns, accommodated companies of the damned, ferocious and wretched, gamblins; at faded green tables or holding haggard revels with outworn courtesans.


Seaside essay by robert lynd

You must have taken the measure of your powers, seawide the fruits of your passions and learned your place in the world and what things in it can really serve you. Just Download this Mobile App and Easy to He is more Christian, and he condemns the sin of self-righteous- ness more than the sins of the flesh. There never was anything in art more ylnd or beautiful than Sarastro’s initiation music, but it is not, like the solemnities of the half-serious, incongruous with the twitterings of Papageno.

Early Hebraism itself had hardly been so wise.

seaside essay robert lynd

The Hueffer study is stuffed with startling things. I will pass beyond you. Humour is alien to poetical effect, because poetry demands a certain sacredness and solemnity of mood.

But suddenly I heard him also: Shakespeare is to him a type of the ” experiencing mind ” with a store of first-hand observation as material, while Southey represents the mere man of letters, the literary manufacturer, who lived in a vacuum, and with painful industry wrote poetry before breakfast, philosophy before lunch, and history before dinner.

He works rather on what is called the analytic method, observing, recording, inter- preting, just as things strike him, and letting his sezside play over their beauty and significance; the end of it all being this: SQUIRE mundane creature, a sunless land reeking with heavy vapours and populated with monstrous shapes of disease and misery and sin.

Robert Lynd Captures a Beautiful Atmosphere in the Essay “Sea Side”

He is more atmospheric than linear. The mere sound of his sentences gives Hawthorne’s prose a wonderftil momentum that keeps us interested even when at times we begin to wonder if his subject-matter is quite as interesting as it ought to be.

After Mozart’s death the opera was success- ful, no doubt because the audience had given up asking what the libretto meant and had learnt something of the meaning of the music. A still more aged ” wheeze ” bobs up in the pages of Mr. Then, to my seasife, that infernal loon shrieked: With an arm on the mantelpiece, I kicked moodilv at the fender; then with an automatic laugh I prepared to go to bed. Robert Lynd says that man recovers his ancient dread of the sea and has grown comfortably intimate with it.


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There were woodcock too, those twisting dehghts of the sportsman’s heart, whose tiny wing-feather trophies have always given me a distinct sensation of achievement when pinned in the side of my shooting-cap; wood-pigeons too, very shy and difficult, owing to the thickness of their breast- feathers — and, after all, only coming under the heading “sundry”; wild duck, with their snaky dark heads, that Gobert have shot chiefly in Canada, lurking among rushes in twilight at flighting time — a delightful sport, exciting, as the darkness grows; excellent eating too, with red pepper and sliced oranges in oil!

It was as though in his formal polite way he was speaking: It was a painful position for so estimable a man to be placed in, and he was much pitied by his friends and neighbours, who regarded him as a worthy representative of the best and oldest family in the county.

Was it a step behind me? Whatever they were like, there they must have been.

Analytical Summary of the Essay : Seaside : Robert Lynd

He, because he knows himself for all of these, can find his home in Sarastro’s paradies. It is incomplete, if no French word is used. I should think every beast and bird I ever shot, or even had a chance of killing, must have been there, and all whispering: The Essa novel is one of grand simplifications.