When I arrived at the South Carolina Honors College in the fall of , the department was in the midst of a staff transition. A Hydrology Board Game 1: The Honors College staff and other members of the USC community continue to be impressed by the amazing and thoughtful projects engineered by Honors students. A Case Study in Allendale County 3: If this problem persists during your search for a director, you may find it necessary to alter or completely change your topic.

An Agenda for the Future of Research. However, you may enroll in SCHC in either semester of your senior year. Log In Sign Up. Depending on the work involved in completing the project itself, it is likely the written component will be quite a bit shorter than a traditional research paper. First, you may wish to choose a Second Reader who will be the “technical expert” during the writing process for the thesis. I am familiar with the challenges of conducting a mixed methods approach, especially the qualitative aspect.

However, the failure to delve into a requirement that many of us share with different expectations may result in a tradition changing so fast that it could disappear.

We depend on our intuition and experiences to handle the challenges of an honors senior thesis: Often, a change in topic necessitates a change in Director, Second Reader or both. It is best to ask your Director and Second Reader their preference for how you present your thesis, both in form eg PowerPoint and content eg broad overview or highlight specific details. Writing should be submitted for review on a regular basis, and you should expect corrections or suggestions to be returned in a timely manner.

Typically, the grade for SCHC is due during the semester in which you plan to graduate. Change in topic or reader Emergencies Change in topic or reader Sometimes the topic you originally intended to pursue does not work out.


Furthermore, we acknowledge that your thesis would not be possible without the assistance received from your Director, Second Reader, other USC faculty, and members of the community. That option will be discussed later in this essay.

You may enroll in a class during your sophomore year that captures your interest and serves as a springboard for your research. Keep multiple discs or flash drives handy. What is the difference between a thesis paper and a thesis project?

schc thesis handbook

Specific deadlines are posted on the SCHC website. It is important to realize that carrying out a project over the long term with multiple people can significantly complicate matters in handbooo of scheduling time for research, writing, revisions, and the defense. The latter may have theses consisting of only twenty-five to forty pages; however, the content in these theses tends to be more tightly packed.

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Research on the Value of an Honors Senior Thesis. From time to time, unavoidable circumstances may occur in the course of completing your senior thesis. You may wish to complete your senior thesis with one or more other students. The data collected would only provide numbers number of institutions with an honors thesis requirement; percentage rate of honors completion and qualitative helps us understand the meaning and the influence on a participants actions what effect does an honors senior thesis have on postgraduate careers; are we using best practices in the honors senior thesis process.

Failure to meet the requirements for SCHC by the end of the semester will result in a grade of “F” Fail unless the director has agreed to give you an “I” Incomplete.

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This date must then be submitted to SCHC. Would this alleviate the issue of a lack of consistency on hndbook an honors thesis on the national level and provide an easier way to conduct research on its value as part of an honors education?


schc thesis handbook

Take SCHCan online, 1 credit-hour course. A representative from the Honors College is not required to attend the thesis defense, ahndbook you must submit your thesis defense date to the Honors College available here. Under no circumstances should a grade be posted before you have conducted a defense or before your Thesis Director has approved the final copy. What we have done and will strive to do in the future is only a snapshot of the national landscape of the significance of an honors senior thesis.

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In this case, you are advised to discuss the thesiw of choosing a different, more viable topic with the Thesis Director and Second Reader. In fact, the Second Reader may be a person in the local community and does not have to be affiliated with USC in any way.

Anna McElrath Bridging the Gap: Both the Second Reader and the Thesis Director are responsible for grading your coursework. However, the Honors College has established a general rule for paper length.

Each May, we celebrate our students graduating with honors and acknowledge this handboik achievement, of which completing an honors thesis is a vital part. Merriet Wells The Retail Renaissance: The written portion of the thesis project i. It is extremely important that you meet regularly with your Director and frequently submit drafts of your paper for feedback. I primarily asked them:

schc thesis handbook