This was the major data gathering tool in answering the identified problems of the study. This method is concerned with the conditions or relationships that exists, practices that prevail, beliefs and points of view or attitudes that are held, processes that are going one, effects that are felt, or trends that are developing at the time of the study. She men- tioned that Jejemon are individuals with low IQ with their idiocy on the web. DepEd Department of Education discourage everyone utilizing such grammar because of the obvious effects. Click here to sign up. Moreover, Alex Maximo discussed how jejemon buzzed the leading social networking site — the Facebook. It shows that they extensively use jejemon texting style when they are communicating with their text mates, closed friends, and jejemon community.

From this documents of payroll warehouse associate resume cover letter salary will be illustrate the name of employee, the rate, the deductions for their benefits, deduction from damages and cash advance, computing a gross and giving the amount of net income. Former DepEd Secretary Mona Valisno said she has not issued any order against jejemon, or the use of alternate spellings of common words, but she appealed to parents and teachers to discourage students from adopting this pop culture phenomenon. They explained how to fill-up the questionnaire-checklist to the respondents, and then retrieved the questionnaire on the same day. On the other hand, Crystal defends the use of textese by saying it is merely the latest manifestation of the human ability to be linguistically creative and to adapt language to suit the demands of diverse settings. Eighty percent are female or 16 respondents and twenty percent are male or 4 respondents. It has similarities graduate certificate creative writing online Leetspeakprimarily the alphanumeric nature of its writing.

Thesus, young people who are part of the subculture, deliberately exaggerate ordinary words by adding or subtracting letters, by using a mixture of capitalized and not capitalized letters in words, and even adding numbers. To describe the central tendencies in the characteristics of the Jejemons like the average age and average income, the mean will jeiemon used, particularly the assumed mean method of calculation. Words are created by rearranging letters in a word, alternating capitalizationover-usage of the letters H, X or Z.


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Interpersonal relationship and economic reasons ranked third and fourth for being a Jejemon. The reader will be more inclined to read a paper and consider a position if the initial paragraph is clear, organized, and engaging. The gay community believes that having their own language is a symbol of their unity and will serve as a protector from their enemies.

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Among cellular phone owners, 12 their frequency of texting has no effect on their grammar and spelling scores. My topic sentences relate to my thesis statement by using keywords that indicate which part of the thesis will be discussed. Therefore, the null hy- pothesis is hereby accepted.

They are followed by 6 respondents who said that their family income range from P20, P39, It was, especially, limited to Jejemons that are aware that they are part of the fad and willingly embrace it. Many educators in the secondary level admitted that using eample crude text caused students fhesis in speaking properly and mangled spelling in their words. According to her research, texting is part of the youths cellular phone use, and early to late evenings are the most preferred tbesis for texting, owing perhaps to the fact that they are already out of school and use their time on leisurely activities, including texting.

The researchers were very eager to know why Jejemons exist in the Philippine society. Gusto kong maging misteryoso kung kayat nais kong kaunti lamang ang jdjemon sa aking mga sinasabi. The researchers would like to know how many Jejemons are now present, who are they, what are their personal backgrounds, why thesks switched onto this from a normal person, and how are Your other dialects are set aside.

He con- siders himself as unique and stylish by producing words that only jejemon texters understand.

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Most of their parents are married which yielded 65 percent or 13 of the total respondents. Clifford Sorita said the jejemon phenomena can be considered a form of refuge.


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A good thesis statement will usually include the following four attributes: As agreed by him and Healy, Jejemon really strikes the nation rapidly affecting a huge population of Filipinos especially texters and social network butterflies [7]. Economic 26 reasons also concern the lives of Jejemons kejemon texting and social network services are vital to being hejemon of this fad and it greatly relies on a persons financial ability. Background of the Study Language is very important in our life.

Ang mga kaibigan o kabarkada ko ay pawang mga Jejemon. Mona Valisno, a representative of DepEd told parents to keep their kids from falling into the Jejemon trap before they forget how to spell the actual words in English or Fili- pino. It can be gleaned from the data that most of the Jejemons are still in learning stage and are doubtful in terms of their knowledge in spelling and grammar, or school is the most favorable environment for spreading of Jejemonism.

References [1] Guillermo, E.

sample thesis jejemon

However, they are being observed by their teachers to have poor habits in learning the correct English. Ang mga taong katulad ko ng pananaw sa kasarian heterosexual [babae, lalaki], homosexual [bakla, tomboy], o bisexual [parehong homo- at hetero-] ay mga Jejemon. Pertaining to the professional profile was the highest frequency, in terms of educational attainment, of those from public schools with 10 respondents 7 from high school, 3 from elementary.

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This chapter will describe how this investigation was conducted. Jejemon – Research Paper Jejemon term: The researchers classified the respondents among. These are the reasons ranked according to frequency of citing them: