They type words in the practical universe by jumping capital and little letters. As a result, the individual assimilates the ideas and habits of the group. In her study, she stated the differences as to when, where, how, why and with whom gays are able to affirm belongingness in their subculture. Bahala na si daliring taba sa pagpindot. Language is the thought of the peoples. The reasons for being a Jejemon were as follows:

Regarding the employment of the respondents, majority of them are full-time students with 17 respondents, followed by 2 employed individuals, and 1 working student. I just want to be unique. I live in a problematic place e. Hence, the study considered the reasons or factors of the youths Jejemonism which include the following: Tell them that they flunked English because they have used in their thesis.

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How to cite this page Choose cite format: This study was conducted among the 4 select public high schools in Santiago Samle. The instruments were subjected to the critic of our professor in the Faculty of Language of the Trinity University of Asia.

For the purpose of investigation in this study, jejemon texting style is rooted to select social and ed- ucational influences. Followed by college students with 3 respondents, and those with no educational attainment were 2. People dont really notice me unless there is something new in me. Jose Rizal, nang hindi nito napagtagumpayang makipagugnayan sa isang babaeng kababayan habang na sa isang Bangka patungong Europa noon tjesis 13 thfsis nyumembre taong ay itinayo ang pambansang Asembleya, surian ng wikang pambansa na pinili.



Javier, Jessie et al. Squares Square Between Groups 6.

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The data was tabulated and statistically interpreted using frequency counts, percent, mean, ranking, Pearson-r and F-test. What are the different reasons for their Jejemonism? As it stands, this statement supports the idea that when something is done continuously it becomes a routine either positive or negative and that F Skinner, behavior is a function of its consequences.

As agreed by him and Healy, Jejemon really strikes the nation rapidly affecting a huge population of Filipinos especially texters and social network butterflies [7]. Students admit to abbreviating, citing convenience as the number one reason for doing so.

These suggest that the place where people live in also mainly influences the social activity of a person. Majority of the respondents were aged 15 years that comprise 35 percent or 7 participants of the total number o respondents. What are the personal and professional backgrounds of these Jejemons that may have initiated them to form their culture?

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This is also probably one of the reasons why some gays speak and use the language flauntingly even with the presence of non-gays because they feel that the jargon they are using receives favorable response from the non-gay listeners. What is Jejemon truly? According to Panopiothere are determinants which influence the personality formation of an individual, some of them jekemon the: Table 2 reveals the Jejemons reasons for embracing this kind of fad.

The advent of jejemon threatened the language usage as students are already hooked on this communication modality.


The results are sometimes liberating, innovative samplf could just tweet in Morse code. Geographic location reasons for being a Jejemon ranked second, suggest that the place where people live in also mainly influences the social activity of a person.

The researchers classified the respondents among. Among cellular phone owners. Data Gathering Procedure The researchers conducted their investigation using the refined questionnairechecklist to the respondents on the selected areas in Metro Manila and San Mateo, Rizal.

According to him there are 3 aspects that composed a jejemon: The remaining 5 percent or 1 respondent was a working student. The social and educational influences of jejemon texting style light for other Filipinos, especially online.

sample thesis jejemon

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Related Studies The related studies were reviewed in order for the researchers to have a better understanding on the youth which would trigger them to embrace the Jejemon culture.

sample thesis jejemon

Summary of Findings Problem 1: Click to learn more https: By Jan Abigail Refuerzo.