This module will involve developing a critical understanding of the key techniques that can be employed to support the allocation of corporate resources within an international sphere of operation. Mr Carlos Bellorin Nunez Overlap: The dissertation forms an important part of the assessment of the university’s MA programmes, carrying a weighting of three credit modules i. This module investigates the techniques adopted by professionals in marketing, sales, as well as general business negotiation environments in order to change stakeholder behaviour and attitudes, influence outcomes, and gain compliance. Patents are exclusive rights granted for the protection of an invention that offers a new and inventive technical solution or way of doing something.

The levels range from 3 foundation or pre-university level to 8 Research level. Alternatively you can also request a particular guide or highlight an error in this guide using our guides request tracker. Each academic school has its own procedures for dealing with late submission of academic assessments, and these procedures are normally described in the handbook for the academic school responsible for the module. The module will end with an overview of tumour diagnosis and general methods of treatment pharmacological, radiotherapeutic and surgical. Given that the programme is a Masters by research, it is appropriate to have a longer length dissertation 15, words than the standard SBM PG dissertation 10, words. International energy transactions are complex, large, incredibly high risk and very expensive.

This module complements other IP modules by providing an opportunity to study the economic and legal foundations of these important rights. Students undertake a series of extended experimental procedures and investigations, and are required to produce a detailed report for each.


Particular attention will be given to the study of coursewok venues as well as the European and International institutional framework governing their supervision. Students will be introduced to — and encouraged to critically interrogate — a range of perspectives on ‘change’ and forms of intervention from across a broad spectrum of social science coudsework and real world case studies, applying them to the core problematics of change management on both micro and macro levels.


The principal aim is to understand the mechanisms and treatments of common chronic inflammatory disorders.

As the international company becomes the norm rather than the exception, the need to internationalize the tools of financial analysis is apparent. Permission to retake will be approved by the relevant Examination Board. The aim of the module is to introduce students to the problem of causal inference, to theories of how causality is established and to empirical methods used to identify causal effects. The module will assess the extent to which these obligations derived from international law impact on access to medicines, traditional knowledge, biological diversity, farmers’ rights, food security and human rights.

The subject has extwnsion very topical with broader political and economic debate on ISDS.

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The specialist topics vary from year to year. This module examines the fundamental theoretical concepts and legal framework for international commercial arbitration. This module will provide an in-depth understanding of the broad range of theory, research, and practice in organizational behaviour for the adoption of appropriate policies and leadership styles.

If you are awarded a first sit then depending on the reassessment practice for the module you will either complete the missing assessment only the mark for which will be combined with your other assessment marks for that module or take one item of assessment weighted at per cent specific modules may have regulations that vary slightly from this pattern. The module focuses on the substantive law of copyright and related rights in the United Kingdom.

The module makes use of contemporary examples and case studies to draw out practical and theoretical implications for organising in creative economies. As such, the module provides an advanced understanding of key elements of services management as well as the linkages between them.


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It provides training at an intermediate-level in the principles and application of techniques of practical chemistry, and spans the traditional disciplines of organic, inorganic, physical and theoretical chemistry. Dr Jurgen Groet Overlap: These themes are analysed both via descriptive approaches, case studies and theoretical constructs: This module empowers students with skills and knowledge needed to work as the digital marketing professional after graduation.

This module introduces key aspects of transition metal chemistry. For some students this may be in the late summer, depending on progression requirements and school practice. Initially the focus will be on electron transport in naturally occurring systems such as in the oxygen evolving centre within PS2 of the photosynthetic apparatus, nitrogenase enzymes and the role of iron-porphyrin complexes in biological electron transfer. This module will cover various advanced concepts of colloidal systems and their application.

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Dr Gregory Chass Overlap: Then the module will present coursewodk of the abuses e. Extensions can only be granted for a reasonable period of time e.

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This module provides an introduction to medieval literature through the study of poetry in Catalan, Galician-Portuguese, and Spanish. Resitting, interrupting or leaving your course.

Prof Stavros Brekoulakis Overlap: This module looks at particular types of insurance contract. The aim is to rationalise the cuorsework and reactivity of the principal classes of natural products and to demonstrate the fundamental chemistry behind biochemical reactions in biosynthetic pathways. The module is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills and expertise to undertake a successful dissertation as part of the MSc.

Inflammation is central to many disorders, and chronic inflammatory diseases are a major source of disability.