Is 28, mi a reasonable budget mileage amount? What is the average high temperature in degrees Celsius? Therefore it is not divisible by Place the difference over the LCD. Write an equation and solve for the value of the other side. What information helped you solve the problem? Word expression Algebraic expression Other ways of saying the word expression the sum of r and 3 the difference between r and 3 the product of r and 3 the quotient of r and 3 r3 r3 3r r3 3 added to r 3 subtracted from r r multiplied by 3 r divided by 3 3 more than r 3 less than r 3 times r 3 equal parts of r Complete the algebraic expression for each of the following word expressions.

They are on sale for 0. Tell if the difference is an increase or decrease. Number Sense Use the chart to answer questions 5 through 7. Find the pattern in the table. Dividing a number by 10 moves the decimal point one place to the left. The first number in the division expression is the numerator of the fraction. Did Kevin eat 4 12 the equivalent of a whole pizza?

We promote ourselves as college paper writing service that has earned its popularity by delivering outstanding quality articles. Reasoning Shakira sorted shapes into two different groups. What You Write Step 3: Split 28 into 30 2.


problem solving draw a picture 9-6 reteaching

You can use the Distributive Property to find the product of 7 Graph the inequality x 5. Test one example of this generalization: What reteachimg he makes 1, bowls?

What should be the rsteaching of the patio? Rodriguez needs to store 10 test tubes in racks that hold 4 test tubes apiece. Use geometric terms to describe how she sorted the shapes. Two and seven hundred fifty-three thousand one hundred forty-nine millionths Complete the place-value chart for the following number.

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Make a table with the information you already know. Tool and Die Making Services. Look for a pattern to the change in the hundredthvalues across a row or down a column. Check your answers by multiplying. Greater than Topic 5 93 Reteaching Step 1: The numerator is the number of squares in the set. Converting a length measurement from a larger unit to a smaller unit: It is greater, because you rounded up to Write down what you already know.

In this case, it is thousandths. Add the lengths of the sides: This is reasonable, since 2 19 Rectangle Length in feet A B C D E F 12 6 4 3 2 1 Width in feet Perimeter in feet 1 2 3 4 6 12 26 16 14 14 16 26 The landscaper must build another patio with the smallest perimeter possible using nine 1-foot-square tiles.


problem solving draw a picture 9-6 reteaching

Look at the figure. They all describe the same part of a whole. Write a number sentence.

problem solving draw a picture 9-6 reteaching

How many beads are there in all? Does April have enough pages to organize all her cards?

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Use patterns to help you, if possible. How many packets of 60 beads can she put together?

What should be the dimensions? Use Objects and Solve a Simpler Problem At a math fair, Willie saw a puzzle about a giant cube made of identical white smaller cubes. Each of the six faces of the giant cube was painted red.