In addition as we look further into the subgroup data of the 23 African-American students only 4 were proficient in the mathematics area. Ensure that your child is at school on time each day. Fax Bullying Hotline PRTI integrates classroom assessment, universal screening devices, and interventions within a multi-level prevention system aimed at maximizing the academic achievement of all students. In order to keep these standards in front of students at all times, each teacher does warm-up problems connected to these daily.

Additionally, a realization that some sub-groups of students were not performing at high levels, and in fact were performing below state averages, helped provide the push that was needed to reinvent how we approached educating the children who walked through our doors. Our Student Council is the place for. Grade 2 Power Indicators. Below is a list and description of the various interventions in place in the school year: Students who are in PAR4 work on oral reading fluency, comprehension, summarization and vocabulary strategies.

Central Elementary School

Student 6 – in class math support, assigned to intensive math support class, also gets special education supports as she is visually impaired West Middle is the Kalamazoo Country middle school for students with significant Visual or Hearing Impairments. Similar swapping of students occurs across many of the content areas and is rooted in the four foundational questions: We have noticed this data and are taking steps to ensure all students are learning at high levels.

It is also used as a self-advocacy tool for students to become more involved in monitoring their progress. The math department has identified new “Power Standards” i.

For writing the teachers have created benchmark assessments given to all students.


Grade 1 Power Indicators. At Central, we value and challenge each student and provide opportunities for success.

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This spring Michigan students will take the new M-step assessment that will assess the Common Core. Those skills include writing effective introductions, providing details, identifying the main idea and important details, and concluding.

West Middle School

Building teacher capacity to work as members of high performing collaborative teams that focus efforts on improved learning for all students. Dunlap middle school homework hotline, Author: Student 13 – Guided Advisory class won’t do student. Network of Outside Resources: We also have math teachers teaching a strategic math course for students that need some help during this time period days a week.

portage public schools homework hotline

Welcome to West Middle. A presentation and tour for the 5th grade students about the daily schedule, middle school expectations, and activities Data Transfer: Level A is self- monitoring and has the highest level of independence for students.

A multitude of programs are in place to support the transitions from elementary to middle school. This is the title of your first post. He continues to see the potential in our staff as a whole to raise the bar in an already high performing school. Even with this information, we realized that our student performance levels in mathematics has declined and so we are doing the following during the school year: The Math Support class meets one hour per day in place of an elective class.

Such activities have included becoming a tutor to help other students, open basketball in the gym, various other physical activities, jazz band practice, additional time in woodworking and art, or to be engaged in student government and community service opportunities knitting winter hats for needy. Each Boot Camp focuses on a summary skill where students work on the skill through guided and independent practice. Student 8 – in class math support, assigned to intensive math support class, also given Special Education support, PAR 4 reading support.


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Similar swapping of students occurs across many of the content areas and is rooted in the four foundational questions:. Student 19 – in class math support and assigned to Guided Advisory class won’t do student. Parents refused intensive math support class. While some individuals and departmental teams have an advanced understanding of the application and response to different types of assessment data, all teaching staff have a solid foundation of the basic principles.

The data for each grade is posted in the hallways so the students can see the overall class attainment of the standards. The members of this committee had extensive training in PLC foundations and were developed as school leaders in this process. Contracts are used as a reminder system to students and as a means of communication between home and school.

Currently the 30 minute XTS period occurs between 6th and 7th hours, when the majority of our teaching staff is available in the building. I am a seventh and eighth grade Math teacher at World of Inquiry School.