What will be the kinetic energy of the cart when it reaches the bottom of the incline? Suppose that you were on top of a building where there was a board which weighed lb and was A series of simple machines is set up so that the output of each machine is the input of the next machine in series. At this point the reading on the scale is The first crate weighs pounds and is sitting 2. What will be the angular velocity of the wheel at the end of 5. What will be the average speed of the ball from the time it is thrown until the time it strikes the ground?

For each of the following graphs indicate the most likely relationship between the plotted variables. What will be the acceleration of this ball at the highest point? Based on the error estimates for the measured positions given in the table, what would be reasonable error estimates for the speeds and accelerations? A 12 kg mass is sitting at the bottom of an inclined plane which meets the ground at an angle of What will be the minimum velocity of the coaster when it reaches the top of the loop if the coaster is to make it safely through the loop? Test on

What is the moment of inertia of pbysics wheel shaped like a ring, which has a radius of 34 cm and a mass of 4. Created by Fahdi Abdirahman. What will be the velocity of the roller coaster when it reaches point A? How long will it take to return to the starting point?


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What is the final displacement of the car? How much energy will be lost in this collision?

physics homework #85 sound waves

What are the magnitude and direction of the hhomework force acting on this car when at the location shown? What is the minimum coefficient of friction between the rider and the wall?

What is the slope of the line that best fits this set of points?

Physics homework #85 sound waves |

What will be the velocity of the crate after it has left the spring? How much force must be applied to this crate in order to slide the crate across the surface at a constant speed? What will be the velocity of this object when it reaches the top of the incline? How far from the base of the building will the baseball strike the ground?

A force of 23 N is applied through a distance of 55 cm to the input of a simple machine. At the same time another ball is thrown upward from the ground with a speed of How much elastic potential energy will be stored in the spring?

What will be the coefficient of sliding friction mk between mass m1 and the surface of the incline? A second car is also heading North but with a velocity of What would be the total energy of this rocket while sitting at rest on the surface of Callisto?

Suppose that you were on top of a building where there was a board which weighed lb and was A sound in excess of about 85 dB causes muscles attached to the eardrum and ossicles to engage, Two sound waves are emitted: By doing this, you can keep track of all your assignments for a particular period of time just as for a day, week, month or year etc.


Physics homework #85 sound waves

What is the coefficient of restitution in this collision? Suppose that this orbiting rocket is given an additional 3.

physics homework #85 sound waves

Time dilation wikipedialookup. How long after the train leaves the station do you catch up with the train? Displacement vs Time Displacement [m] 0. This rocket would like to go into orbit around Saturn at an altitude of 8, km. What will be the final displacement of this boat when it reaches the opposite shore of the river?

What is the magnitude of the normal force acting on the sled? Cartilage, which breaks down and wears away in osteoarthritis, is described in more detail in Cartilage: How long homewori this projectile be in the air? How far downstream will this boat reach the opposite shore?

What is the average rate at which the speed of this aaves is changing during this time period? You would like to use an inclined plane to push a piano, which weighs lbs.

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