No surprise there per Ferd. Angel describing his feelings for Ana as platonic is beloney The name calling on this site is atrocious. I especially enjoyed her not missing the opportunity for “una tequiita”. What a stupid, ungrateful disds and ditch the other day. No matter; she won’t succeed. Then you can free yourself.

Thanks Martaivett, I agree with you about Fanny. Friday, February 6, at 4: If Yomama no longer wants to live with Isa But of course that would mean Fanny and Leon end up together. Yomama needs to come clean about destroying the twins’ notebooks. Put the silly collar down.

A little class could go a long ways people. Edith seems like an excellent match for him, she’s intellectual, into the same things, she’s unique like Nando and we think we’ve gotten rid of Ximena and she has to come back.

I do agree that Nando is not yet comfortable with his new image. I’ll be back after catching up with this one.

Friday, February 6, at 4: Friday, February 6, at 7: But girls a couple of years older will pursue him because he’s physocs and has a rich dad. She won’t retaliate, but these kids need to know that this wasn’t the right thing to do here. Why she thinks this will work is beyond me. Loved the whole Yolanda visit from the apology to the hand buzzerds. Jardinera, Yolanda says “you gave me a shock!


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It’s actually quite funny that Isabitch is now the victim of her own hormones. Nothing to brag about there, Pops! Maybe Jarifa or Martai can tell us what Carmen told the kiddies after Yomama got the shocking handshake. Did I Say That? Totally over the line and over the state border if you ask me. I was trying to think about how differently the Ana part might have been played and still be effective.

It’s not a question of him looking more intellectual, as per Lenin, but just that he looks like he can’t quite see! Sure, don’t himework what she said to the boss, but he’s no saint in all this. Yet the recaps are hilarious and priceless!

Just as things are heating up, though, Jens walks back into the house and sees the compromising position poor Johhny is now in. Then tells Homeworm his girlfriend homewoek not welcome in Costena. I had the exact same situation being pulled between two friends once, and no matter what they say, there really is intent by the two people to make the poor person caught in the middle take the side of one over the other, even when it’s not their business.

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I will enjoy the recap a little while later, but have to say my fav moment was Ana and her accent pulling Fernando away from Yomama. Or has she decided Leon is her new meal ticket so she doesn’t need to go anymore? Does anyone else see a chance of them ending up together?



physics homework #141

Ana did make the direct point that he did not look like his dad in the eye color since Fernando’s eyes are black and Nando’s are beautiful bright blue. No better prediction than that for a good future.

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And neither Fernando nor Ana reacts as a parent should. Tofie, I could not agree more on Ana asking Fanny to help her with Dorofeo. Laura notes this jealously and says it seems like Lady Boss has the hots for him.

Friday, February 6, at 8: He just looks uncomfortable.

physics homework #141

He is property of Fanny Lascurain. I don’t believe he’s out of the story. I really hope Nando comes to his senses and sees phtsics he will be happier with Edith. As for the young professional,Leon is still showing all in with Laura to those around him.