Do not swim, dive or surf where dangerous sharks are known to congregate. James took a look at the plan and why it’s happening. You might also like A pair of blacktip reef shark neonates Carcharhinus melanopterus gently cruise among the roots in the mangrove forest of Surin Archipelago during high tide in Mu Koh Surin national park, Thailand. So what can we do? Simply being aware of these conditions and acting appropriately will dramatically reduce the already minute risk of being attacked.

So we need to not stop. But is this the best way to deal with an animal whose natural environment we invade by the thousands every day? NASA scientists say they’ve found more evidence that water used to flow across the surface of Mars. But we must keep a clear head and consider why sharks are in need of protection in the first place. A limited time offer! To answer that question, Sarah will take you back in time to , to meet some kids who came to Australia on the First Fleet.

The position’s called the ‘Governor General’ and last week it was announced that we’re getting a new one. Shark culling will affect the oceans ecosystem.

In fact, the best science we have available, from genetic studies, estimates the Western Australian and South Australian population of breeding age white sharks at around animals.

I urge you, before you leave today, to find one of us and do two things.

Premier Colin Barnett defends first shark kill The persuasivw shark to be caught under Western Australia’s new catch-and-kill policy has been destroyed. With a hour delay you will have to wait for 24 hours due to heavy workload and high demand – for free I agree to wait a whole day.


Using our plagiarism checker for free you will receive the requested result within 3 hours directly to your email. A disappearance at Cottesloe Beach on October 10 has cullibg been attributed to a shark. English Oral — Shark Cullings Shark Culling Each year in Australia, the number of deaths from shark attacks ranges between zero to three deaths. If a shark is sighted in the area leave the water as quickly and calmly as possible.

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English Oral – Shark Cullings

Mila Zinkova The body-boarder attacked at Bunker Bay was close to a seal colony at the time of the attack. The cupling is positioning the viewer to see the shark as a big, scary monster, persuasivf the man to be a hero for killing it… As though killing a shark is something to be proud of. Finally, essy the suspected attack on a swimmer at Cottesloe beach, the victim was said to be swimming alone a few hundred metres away from the shore in the early hours of the morning. To that I say, yes we are emotive about this irrational and cruel cull, but it is the cull itself that is based purely on emotion.

Sharks are part of a complex ecosystem. Tue 1 Nov Avoid swimming well offshore, near deep sharkk, at river mouths or along drop-offs to deeper water. Would you like to get such a paper? We have received your request for getting a sample The users without accounts have to wait due to a large waiting list and high demand. Humans are the real threat to this world.


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The number of sharks seen persuasivs hour has not changed. The photographer has captured the blue ocean water in the photo which makes people feel calm and relaxed.

Recently we celebrated Australia day on the 26th of January. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Sharks keep the populations below them in check.

persuasive essay on shark culling

The poster is also not supporting the culling of sharks like other two articles and is contending the similar point of view that shark culling must be stopped.

The cull is driven by fear and fear alone.

The Premier is not listening. Follow us on social media.

Shark Cull SAC Essay Sample

Because all the evidence says that will damage our oceans, and it is not the answer to protecting human life. The government are to blame for this new law.

persuasive essay on shark culling

We will stop the cull. So we need to not stop.

persuasive essay on shark culling

So the WA government decided they needed to do something about it quickly. The shark culling topic has many different opinions, either negative, positive or neutral.