I emailed LUMS and they said maximum, it sounds strange to me. Lerry G Leone 19 November at Posted by Zehra at Chapter 4 Confirmed to be Released in May 22, Needless to say, a statement written in a haphazard way will make a very negative impression.

Thanks for the useful post. I learnt about the pre-requisites. For instance, I really like this opening: I have done my MBA previously and the studies prepared me well for the market. After this they must have unanimously agreed U are a prick but they might let u in just to see How Big of a prick you are: Needless to say, a statement written in a haphazard way will make a very negative impression. Your ideas must be presented in a coherent manner, with logically connected paragraphs having no gaps and leaps.

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personal statement for lums admission

It is of utmost importance to give considerable thought and effort into the writing of your personal statement. How do I know if my application was submitted? Even though the name states Management Tsatementone should not be led to believe that it has no place for pure sciences and humanities and law majors. There is no short cut to impress the people. Law is the combined public conscience that tells us right from wrong.

If you have any question regarding a programme, please visit the relevant link on the LUMS website: I once marked my attendance from outside of the window lus the class of my Head of Department. Everybody should know about Personal Statement.


Sky is Neela: LUMS Personal Statement

When the application is submitted you will also receive an email notifying you that your application has been submitted. What is a mailing label? Why do you consider them important?

I also admit that here in our country, you can either be the best of the best or nothing at all to get what you want from life. The HOD was very infamous for his abhorrence of proxies, as well as for anyone he caught being cheeky.

Why do you want a graduate degree from LUMS? A final word on the personal statement is that while a well-written personal statement does not guarantee you peersonal admission, a poorly written one certainly has the potential to get your application rejected.

While it is true that eloquence and quality of expression do matter, too much flowery language without solid content will get you nowhere.

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I also feel admisskon in admitting the fact, not that I am trying to brag about myself being the patriotic soul, that I wish to study at LUMS rather than going abroad because I feel that once I get through this, Pakistan might really need skills that I have gained and I might actually get to make a difference in my country. Kickstart your prep today. Rachel Ashton 20 November at You’re a perfect candidate.

I knew it will be tough to begin with but with LUMS as my final destination, I was willing to go persona, out. Chapter 4 Confirmed to be Released in It is a struggle which keeps us moving ahead in life.


personal statement for lums admission

While as of the academic yearan average student had 8. Remember that the university receives thousands of applications every year. Your ideas must be presented in a coherent manner, with logically connected paragraphs having no gaps and leaps.

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Why this particular selected field? An online application account can be created through the LUMS website i. We have already discussed how you can showcase your achievements and motivations in your personal statement.

Az Sadal 9 Aadmission at Why do I need to list All schools I have attended? More importantly, I love to research and I would like to take this opportunity to make a difference as a peronal student who knows what she is talking about. One of the things that reviewers judge about you from your personal statement is how clearly you express yourself in written English, but that is not the primary purpose of the personal statement. When, where and how should I International applicant apply for my student visa?