While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information, AXELOS cannot accept responsibility for errors, omissions or inaccuracies. There are no interdependencies between the models, so an organization may be better at programme management than it is at project management, for example. Therefore, when the UNOPS strategic plan, was announced and communicated, which emphasized achieving excellence in project management through a defined project management methodology, the JRS Senior Management decided to take action. JRS offers project management, infrastructure, procurement, human resources and advisory services, with a focus on sustainability, capacity development, national ownership, gender empowerment and transparency at all stages of project design and implementation. Moving up one level in maturity is not uncommon, but moving up almost three levels is very rare. Find out about the model Find out about the assessment. In addition, LU carried out a separate diagnostic assessment.

The PMO had focused on not just embedding these standard processes for compliance reasons, but to also ensure that they were fit for purpose so the project managers could see the value and obtain the benefits from the processes. It is about passing on expert knowledge and experience to our national counterparts as part of our state building commitments. The initiative would assess how P3M3 could: Defined process Level 4: In , in line with many major UK Government departments, DECC commissioned a P3M3 assessment of its current capability; in terms of portfolio, programme and project management. AXELOS is pleased that this demonstrates that the revisions to P3M3 have produced the desired increase in diagnostic capability, without negating previous investment in the improvement plans, based on an earlier version of P3M3.

p3m3 case study

Good model for future benefits to an organisation, looking especially at the YAS benefits. Sponsorship was of crucial importance; the JRS PMO and IPMG needed to be able to engage these key stakeholders by showing them how project management maturity can help them achieve the results that are important for casse through implementing certain changes to increase the maturity of the office.

Level 2 — Repeatable process Some areas are beginning to use standard processes, but there is no consistency across the organization. For an industry facing significant transformational change, this provides pp3m3 critical information needed to implement and sustain effective improvements.

It made five recommendations:.


p3m3 case study

Sourced and published on www. Yorkshire Ambulance Service YAS which was investing in organizational development to support its transition through to being authorized as a foundation trust.

Find out about the model Find out about the assessment.

UNOPS Jerusalem Country Office P3M3 Case Study | AXELOS

The P3M programme is designed to build capability for the delivery of successful programmes and projects through a collaborative community that shares best practices. STH also found that this process was useful in helping it focus on specific areas; in particular, enhancing risk management.

So why is this different? The perspectives group together one or more processes, and are: This case study describes the journey from the initial assessment to achieving, in MarchLevel 3 certification for project management. This case study reports on a pilot study carried out on the largest publicly funded healthcare provider, the NHS, to studyy its portfolio, programme and project management at a crucial time of organizational change.

Instead, they understand and see the benefits of having a standardized project management methodology and are now excited to participate in extra work activities such as training and workshops JRS now speak the same project management language which allows all project managers to be ztudy the same page and share their knowledge and expertise with each other.

It also helped shudy foundation vase to gain an understanding of all the requirements for the effective delivery of project management.

Firstly, project managers feel more comfortable with escalating issues and risks to their project boards which mean these issues and risks are being effectively escalated and managed The PMO is no longer seen by the project managers as a source of scrutiny but instead as a forum for decision making, project planning and other czse for their projects Projects and risks are now managed proactively and therefore much less time is spent on solving issues.

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Maturity assessments at the London Underground

Defined process Level 4: The NHS needed a framework to manage and control the delivery of change across portfolio, programme and project management, with the aim of building its capabilities to manage the implementation of transformation objectives both effectively and efficiently. It is about providing access to information for management to make the timely and informed decisions that teams need to deliver effective projects.


In recognition of the cross-business nature of the work, Stdy presented its highest award, The Platinum Award, to this project in the category of cross functional working.

The assessment rating may be higher than anticipated – rather than lower – despite the greater scope and the introduction of new areas into the version 3. The programmes and projects comprising the portfolio are, often, of high risk and with little precedent, as DECC strives to make sure the UK has secure, clean, affordable energy supplies and to promote international action to mitigate climate change. Continuously improving patient care By improving its delivery of projects, YAS can improve levels of patient care and experience.

We used it to put together an initial two-year development plan and have used it ever since to help with our planning cycles. Sound project and programme management can be a game changer if the value of embedding these processes within an organization is recognized since it provides the tools to consistently deliver successful projects. Moving up one level in maturity is not uncommon, but moving up almost three levels is very rare. These silos meant that: Work is also being undertaken to support the accessibility of P3M3 to the NHS, through the development of simple and more detailed self assessment spreadsheets.

p3m3 case study

Having used both for maturity assessments, DECC found that the results were comparable. Reuse of this Case Study is permitted solely in accordance with the permission terms at http: The diagnostic required 24 interviewees and questionnaire returns from a circulation of The perspectives group together one or more processes, and 3pm3 Reuse of any content in this case study is permitted solely in accordance with the permission terms at https: The assessment team found that JRS had placed such immense amount of effort in achieving Level 3 that JRS had not only defined their processes but was stucy managing them.

Level 4 — Managed process Process efficiency is monitored and measured with active interventions for improvement.