Tell us what makes you stand out. As a law admissions tutor explained succinctly: Am I eligible to apply? If you would like to alter any other details on your application form, please email us. Use your own voice. Our emails are packed with advice for getting in and getting on at uni, along with useful information about other Which? Obviously, if you are then unable to make the week you should let us know so that we can open the place up to one of the reserve candidates.

Find a course Search, shortlist and compare thousands of courses to find that perfect one. Ensure that you follow the ABC rule and keep it course-related and relevant. Participation in UNIQ is application based and we cannot guarantee that you will be successful in that application. Starting to write your personal statement but not sure where to even begin? Search for a course. I can’t find my science subjects under qualifications. Write a strong opening sentence, making it clear why you have applied to study a particular course.

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oxford uniq personal statement example

Did your work experience give you hands-on experience that really excited you about the subject? If you experience persistent problems, please contact us at whichuniversity which. Students with more than one completed A-level are deemed statmeent have progressed sufficiently through further education to not be eligible for UNIQ.

Please contact uniq admin. UNIQ is very intensive so you will have little time to complete other work whilst in Oxford.

UNIQ Summer Schools

We ask that students notify their ambassadors on arrival on how strict they are with timings as this will determine where you will be able to perform the prayer. From no UNIQ activity stateent be eligible as our longest residential does not pass the five day threshold.


Does your admissions tutor really need to know you play football every week? But introducing why exactly uinq want to apply for the course and what you can bring will give your statement some clout right from the off.

oxford uniq personal statement example

A personal statement is your opportunity to stand out when applying to university. Don’t give us any flannel.

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If students would like to attend church on Sunday, they will need to make arrangements to do this before they set off on their journey to Oxford. Group products and services that can help you make good decisions. Use your own voice. I don’t study the required subjects listed for the course, can I still apply?

The total number of A-level or similar qualifications allowed from applicants is just one.

Here, they reveal how you can do just that in your personal statement Should I still apply? Close panel Thank you! You have to learn how to balance your own budget, how to manage your time effectively, and how to juggle conflicting demands.

We make every effort to ensure that reasonable adjustments are made, and are used to planning for students with specific medical, dietary and accessibility requirements. We hope that all students who participate in the UNIQ programme feel more informed about the University and its application process. However, we are aware that sometimes, circumstances arise which mean you do not perform peersonal the best of your ability.


In the case of travel, students that fail to adhere to our deadlines will have to pay for their own. I already have one or more A-Levels, can I apply? Once the places are allocated we are unable to transfer participants to other courses.

Personal statement dos and don’ts.

How to make your personal statement stand out, admissions tutors reveal

Do you provide Halal food? Work experience is a great way to sattement an understanding of your subject beyond the classroom. Students who usually attend a church service on Sunday will not have time to do so when they arrive in Oxford. Sign me up Our emails are packed with advice for getting in and getting on at uni, along with useful information about other Which?

Once you have applied and the places have been allocated, we are unable to change the subject you are taking, therefore we would advise statdment to ensure that when you apply, you apply for a subject exampe a week you can make. We suggest that if you have a school project which is due directly after or during your residential week, you make every effort to complete it before attending.

Over-editing just results in any individuality being lost.

Admissions tutors are busy, which means you have to grab their attention quickly.